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The Best Ways To Personalize Your Horse’s Blankets

The Best Ways To Personalize Your Horse’s Blankets
The Best Ways To Personalize Your Horse’s Blankets

Horse ownership is a rewarding experience, but it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Custom horse blankets are a creative and practical way to show your love and care for your equine friend. Learn the best ways to personalize your horse’s blankets.

Why Horses Need Blankets: A Refresher

Throwing a blanket over your horse is something you do automatically after untacking, but when was the last time you thought about why horses need blankets? Wild horses don’t have them, so why do trained horses need them?

Show horses often have clipped, short coats, and their shorter hair can’t protect them from cold, wet weather during the colder months like their natural, thick winter coat can. Blanketing can help them maintain the show coat, reducing the clipping and grooming time to keep your horse show-ready.

Blanketing protects horses from rain and insects and helps them stay comfortable in different weather conditions. Plus, they protect horses who’ve just completed a show round, training session, or a recreational ride. As they cool down and dry off, you can keep them happy by helping them maintain a healthy body temperature. Other common reasons for using a horse blanket include the following:

  • Protection from sunlight
  • Calming defense against annoying flies
  • Aiding in the cooling process after a workout
  • Insulation to keep warm on colder days

Types of Horse Blankets

To ensure your horse has the best blanket for the weather, it’s essential to know the different types. These can include the following:

Rain Sheets

These blankets are designed to keep your horse clean and dry when outside in rainy, muddy conditions.

Cool Down Blankets

These blankets help your horse cool down after a workout or competition, preventing them from getting cold when sweaty. Cool down blankets are perfect after a vigorous training session.

Quilted Blankets

Quilted blankets are thick, providing warmth and comfort to your horse on cold days. They are perfect for ensuring your horse remains cozy in the winter.

Knit Blankets

Knit blankets are great for horses that need a little extra warmth but can’t tolerate the heaviness of quilted blankets. They are made from breathable materials and offer a more comfortable and snug fit.

Personalized Horse Blankets

Personalizing your horse’s blankets serves several purposes. A personalized blanket sets your horse apart from others attending competitions and from other steeds in your barn. It can also highlight your stable’s logo and brand.

Personalized horse blankets offer many features. Make your selections online when you order your horse’s blankets at Pick a color to identify your barn or complement your horse’s coat; Select complementary trim and piping to add contrast and personality to your blanket; add graphics or a stock image of a horse displaying the skills used in your event. You can even add text, a monogram, or your horse’s name in a distinct typeface that matches your barn’s branding.

The best ways to personalize a horse’s blanket involve choices that correspond with your tastes, your horse’s personality, and your stable or barn’s identity. Explore different colors and designs to create a blanket that is not only practical but also represents your love and commitment to your equine friend.

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