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Tacktrunks.com serves the competitive riders with our top brands and stand by our manufacturer who is well known, Phoenix West, for over 40 years, our relationship, the durability of our top-rated tack boxes. We help fix older trunks to look new, including storage trunks, wooden trunks and decorative trunks, and we are happy to help you with your show barn logo design or coordinate an award winning look.hcHomepage_TackTrunks

In addition we compliment the show barn with a mirage of stall curtains, show banners, bandage slings, stall guards, customer horse blankets and replacement vinyls to revive tired looking tack boxes. We are well known for our quality and customer service on the internet as an authority to help you outfit your show barn.

Standard Tack Trunk Sizes for Phoenix & Warner Tack Boxes

Utility or Bit Box Size:  Length 24”, Width 14”,  Height 16”
Small Trunk Size: Length 32″, Width 18″, Height 18″
Medium Trunk Size: Length 34″ Width 20 & 3/4″, Height 19 1/2″

Large Trunk Size: Length 38 1/2″, Width, 23 3/4″, Height 22 1/4″

Explore our large variety of wood boxes, including wood chests and wood trunks wrapped in vinyl. Choosing small, medium or large storage boxes with lids keeps clutter out of sight. Want to advertise your company logo on your trunk storage? Trunk storage boxes and trunk chests can be personalized for everyone. A decorative wooden storage trunk will bring the beauty to any stall area. A wood chest trunk box gives all the elegance of the wooden trunk, storage capacity from the shape, and needed organization.  Adding a tack trunk cover will protect your trunk from everyday use of dust, dents, etc, helping to keep it new looking for years to come. A plastic cover is great to protect against rain or water contact to your trunk.

Our standard trunks are crafted with removable sliding trays, a removable tote, hydraulic lid stays and spring load handles. Options include: bandage lid, a bit box, vinyl top, rubber top, rolling casters, vinyl back, cork/mirror whiteboard insert, cedar or felt lining, sealed bottom or a show tote.

Owning a tack box to secure your tack also helps to keep your tack from molding. Learn more about how to prevent moldy tack.

We also carry many other high-quality products for your stable including saddle trunks, mounting blocks, and much more for some of the best prices you will find online! 

Our tack boxes are made by artists and craftsmen with years of experience. Our trunks are made of high-quality birch wood hardwood with a cherry or walnut finish, topped off with 3 coats of a marine grade finish. Our trunks are sturdy and built to last over 25 years if you take care of them with a tack trunk cover and plastic over it to protect against rain. Adding Chrome or Brass fitted hardware molding completes an award-winning look to showcase your barn.

We can repair or re-vinyl your vinyl existing tack box to match any barn scheme or design. Re-vinyling a tack box with a different trunk design is a great option to consider if you transfer to another barn without having to buy a new vinyl trunk. We can repair just about anything when it comes to tack trunks!