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Custom Horse Blankets & Horse Apparel

What Are Customized Horse Blankets?

From freezing rain to flies, horse sheets and blankets keep your horse protected from the elements. They come in many materials to take your animal comfortably through all seasons. Special features like buckles and belly straps ensure a good fit. Whether you’re facing rainy days, a cold winter, or damp spring days, we have your horse covered from head to tail. Choose from blankets sheets in all sizes, lengths, and colors to meet your lifestyle and budgetary needs.

Stable blankets, which combine style and function, are perfect for everyday use around the barn. They are ideal for cooler days and come in a variety of materials like cotton, quilted, and denier nylon. Search for blankets with specific features like breathability, which wicks moisture and repels outside cold air, and a belly wrap, which keeps the blanket firmly in place while your horse runs, rolls, and sleeps. Blankets reinforced with nylon reduce the chance of rips and tears. With custom stable blankets, you can go beyond the basics and choose a base color, trim, and piping. Add a name or monogram, and your horse can wear his blanket from the stable to shows. A stable sheet is the blanket’s lightweight cousin. Sheets with shoulder gussets, buckle closures, and belly straps are designed for a snug and secure fit. Sort by price, material, brand, and more to find what you need.

If your horse stays outside without shelter, consider a waterproof and durable turnout blanket to fend off rain and wind. Horses kept outside need the right protection in all conditions, which is why many people have several pieces of horse clothes. Since external conditions change frequently, you’ll want to ensure your horse stays comfortable in all conditions. A blanket that is too heavy won’t wick moisture away quickly enough, causing your horse to sweat. On the other hand, one that is too light will leave your horse cold on damp days and chilly nights. A set of custom horse clothing, tailored to your horse’s size and made with your favorite colors, ensures your horse is seasonally dressed for the weather.

For cold days, custom quilted blankets are a popular choice. These soft, warm blankets keep your horse warm in the stable. You can use a quilted blanket by itself indoors and put a turnout sheet over it when your horse goes out to the field. Search for blankets with supportive materials like buckle closures and nylon lining, which resists tearing and uncomfortable rubbing. Custom wool blankets are another fine choice. Wool, a naturally warm material, also wicks moisture away. Detail your sheet or blanket with trim, piping, leather buckles, and more for special occasions. If your horse stays outside in the rain, a custom rain sheet will keep her dry. Waterproof and breathable rain sheets are ideal for warm to cool conditions. In all seasons, custom stable attire ensures your horse stays happy and healthy in style.

In addition to wind and rain, you can purchase horse blankets sheets to keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky insects at bay. During the warm and buggy spring and summer seasons, a flysheet, which offers protection from insects and the sun’s UV rays, is your horse’s new best friend. A custom fly sheet shields your horse or pony from biting insects while providing adequate ventilation to keep him or her cool and comfortable. Supplement the fly sheet’s protection with a fly mask, which keeps the head and neck free of pests.

We offer fancy blanket embellishments to our blankets. Pick one for your blanket.


When it’s time to ride, a quarter sheet keeps your horse’s muscles warm and loose in the transition between stable and arena. These exercise sheets keep your horse’s hindquarters warm while warming up and cooling down, which reduces the risk of injury. If your horse is clipped, you can even use quarter sheets for the entire ride. Some have cut-outs at the rider’s leg area to help you maintain contact with your horse. On cool days or for shows, a warm and attractive custom wool quarter sheet is a sound choice. Add your name or monogram, and you are ready for any show.

If you live in a cold climate, it’s important to get a blanket for your horse. In addition to keeping your horse warm, a blanket can allow you to advertise your business or be a great accessory for your horse at a horse show. In fact, it’s possible to get just about anything embroidered on a customized horse blanket. Here are some different types of customized horse blankets that you can choose from:

Saddle Pads:

Our saddle pads are highly effective at keeping your horse comfortable. These products are available in many major stores that sell products for horses. In addition, there are different types of saddle pads that you can choose from:

  • Impact Resistant Saddle Pads: These saddle pads are perfect for people who frequently ride their horses.
  • Fleece Saddle Pads: Fleece saddle pads are great for keeping your horse warm.
  • Wool Saddle Pads: These saddle pads are often even warmer than fleece saddle pads, and wool is one of the most effective insulators for a saddle pad.

These are some of the most common types of horse blankets:

  • Cool-weather sheets: Cool weather sheets are designed to keep your horse warm throughout the spring and fall. However, they are not warm enough to be effective for extreme temperatures.
  • Extended neck rain sheets: Not only do extended neck rain sheets keep the body of your horse dry, but they also keep your horse’s neck dry.
  • Performance knit sheets: Performance knit sheets are designed to keep your horse warm and are great for horses at sporting events.
  • Scrim sheets: Scrim sheets wrap around your horse to keep them warm and dry.
  • Winter quilts: Not only can winter quilts keep your horse warm in cold weather but they also often include stylish patterns and designs.
  • Wood dress sheets: Wood dress sheets are great if you are bringing your horse to a show. They add a lot to the appearance of your horse.
  • Day sheets: Day sheets are often worn by rodeo horses.

FANCY ☑️ BRAIDED ☑️ RIBBON ☑️ EMBROIDERY ☑️ So many options for leaving a lasting impression on horse blankets


Where Should You Store Horse Blankets?

You can usually store horse blankets in the stall with your horse. Typically, they are hung up on the wall of the stall using a hook. This makes it very easy to find them.

What Are Stable Blankets?

Stable blankets can keep your horse warm while he or she is in their stall. If you live in a cold climate and do not have a heated stall, these products are essential. Horses that are well-cared for can tolerate temperatures as low as around 12 degrees Fahrenheit without suffering any health problems, but temperatures that dip lower than 12 degrees can be harmful to horses without stable blankets. Fly sheets are designed to keep your horse dry during rainy weather. It’s possible to get stable blankets and fly sheets customized, including products that are made out of wool.

What Are Horse Clothes?

There are many different types of horse clothes available. Some types of horse clothes are jackets that can keep your horse warm during the winter. Some clothing items for horses are waterproof. Not only are there many different purposes that horse clothing can be used for, but horse clothing can also have logos or writing embroidered on it.

Custom blankets sheets come in all sizes, and they’re great for the youngest barn members too! A foal blanket, sized for little ones and designed for warmth and comfort, keeps your vulnerable young horse healthy and comfortable.

As you shop for the clothes horse, don’t forget your horse’s other needs. Equine supplements support holistic horse health in many ways. Look for supplements that aid digestion, promote hair growth, and reduce stress. For the active horse, get supplements with electrolytes and minerals for recovery.

We have horse apparel for riding in all conditions and situations, from casual lessons to national horse shows. Eyeing a blue ribbon at your next event? Make it happen with matching saddle pads and more to give you and your horse a winning look.

How to clean show blankets?

A few days of warm weather means you can wash your blankets! I always jump on the chance before it cools off again to wash my horse’s winter quilt. Yes, you can use your own machine at home!
A few tips to care for your custom horse show blankets:
1. Brush shavings and dirt off with a stiff brush before you leave the barn, and remove the detachable elastic leg straps
2. Use a mild detergent like Woolite and cold water
3. Use the extra rinse and extra spin cycle of your washer to get all the dirt out
4. Winter quilts are fine in the dryer on LOWEST or no heat.
5. *Do Not put cotton or poly-cotton day sheets in the dryer at all *, line dry those in a shady place.
5. Run an extra cycle with soap in your washer before you use for your own clothes again

How to measure your horse for a horse show blanket?

  • Measure from the center of the chest, around the widest part of the shoulder, barrel, and rump, to where the tail touches.
  • Round up to the next even number. Sterling measured 61” so we will make him a 62” blanket.
  • Make sure the horse is standing square on a level surface.


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