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Looking for a permanent trunk for the stables? We handcraft custom Tack Trunks made from durable material. Explore our selection of wooden tack trunks.

Wood Tack Trunk, Boxes, & Accessories

WOOD TACK TRUNKS in (4) Options that will suit your needs at the barn or show.

Utility or Bit Box Size:  Length 24”, Width 14”,  Height 16”
Small Trunk Size: Length 32″, Width 18″, Height 18″
Medium Trunk Size: Length 34″ Width 20 & 3/4″, Height 19 1/2″

Large Trunk Size: Length 38 1/2″, Width, 23 3/4″, Height 22 1/4″

Are you due for a new tack box? We are the source of tack boxes and you can personalize your own wood tack trunk! Customize our wood boxes with accessories, styles, designs and box type such. Add your personal monogram in chrome or brass plate in oval or rectangle shape.

Our handmade wooden tack boxes offer a reliable way to protect your tack, saddle, horse blanket, horse grooming tools, show clothes, and other supplies. Get a trunk with a padded seat for everyday use at your barn or get one to take with you to horse shows. Declare your horsemen’s pride with one of our sturdy wooden tack boxes.

Tack Trunks are designed to protect and secure stable blankets, leg wraps, fly sheets, paddock boots and other horse-related gear with a locking mechanism called a hasp.

We offer options for the interior with cherry or walnut stain or the cedar wood.

Our products are backed with over 40 years of experienced making boxes for horses to secure their belongings.

Our deluxe valet trunks or upright saddle trunks on wheels are designed to protect your saddle, saddle pads, show bridles, blanket accessories and more. In addition, you can customize your deluxe tack trunk or other tack boxes with monogrammed show totes, cork and mirror inserts. We can add casters, nameplates and felt or cedar lining to your wooden tack trunk to make it your own. Also, we’re happy to customize your tack trunk using your barn or horse logos.

Don’t settle for a DIY tack trunk with complicated woodworking plans. Instead, choose a well-crafted, professional tack trunk that reflects your love of horses with the many accessories to consider such as a cork mirror insert, casters, add a logo on brass or chrome plate.

The organization is the key to maintaining a neat, clean stable. This means all your horse care supplies must be in their proper place. Our wood tack trunks available with a padded seat are ideal for organizing fly masks, turnout blankets, grooming supplies, dog blankets, riding apparel and more. Explore what others are putting in their tack trunks. Learn how one of our Smartpak deluxe wood trunks can benefit your barn or stable.

As every horse owner knows, a well-stocked tack trunk is an absolute necessity. Are you stocking the tack trunk in your barn with fly control products, grooming supplies, measuring cups for grain and other items to fulfill your mare’s daily needs? Or, are you packing a tack box with show jackets, boots, saddles and bridles for an upcoming horse show? Whether you want a tack box to hold stall supplies for your barn or one to haul to shows, you’re sure to find the perfect tack box or deluxe trunk at Wood Tack Trunks from Phoenix West (formerly Warner). If you’ve recently viewed our inventory, you know our tack boxes can add a royal touch to your horse stable or track circuit. Purchase one of our tack trunks and keep your items safe in a storage box with a beautiful, presentable finish. For added style, order a custom tack trunk top cover. We offer upright models that are useful for storing bridles, a western saddle, an English saddle, tall boots, and whips. Keep yourself organized with a solid wood tack box or custom tack trunk with a convenient sliding tray for horse supplements and other small items. On your next trip to the race track or a dressage show, get the best wood trunk paired with a top cover with embroidery from Tack Trunks.

These beautiful tack trunks are built with quality wood and durable fixtures, guaranteeing a long-lasting tack box. The sturdy construction of our tack boxes gives our customers a happiness guarantee. All trunks are stained in your choice of cherry or walnut and feature five coats of finish. Interiors are also finished and include a sliding flat tote tray as well as a removable tote for brushes, hoof care supplies and other tools you may need. The trim on your horsemen’s pride tack trunk is available in your choice of brass or chrome.

Worried you won’t have enough space for all your items? Don’t fret. We offer wood tack trunks in small, medium and large. (Please see below for specific measurements). We want you to choose the tack box or tack trunk that fulfills your needs with a little space for accessories that we tend to add over time like hoof picks:)

Whether you require a small trunk, a medium trunk for trail tack or a large trunk for veterinary supplies, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you and your horse. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered from the beginner to the experienced rider.

We have gift cards to give to friends and family members who love horses as much as you do!

Deluxe (fancy) tack boxes would be the wardrobe or saddle trunk embellish in chrome or brass that is portable on wheels.

Wardrobe Valet

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