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Horse show stall curtains serve handy purposes as well as being attractive & making your tent look nice. Decorate your show barn with stall curtains!

Horse Show Stall Curtains and Drapes

Horse show stall curtains have several useful purposes, such as looking attractive and providing some privacy. Horse Show Stall curtains add a bit of individual flair and elegance to your space as well. Decking out your horse show tent with stall drapes and valances creates a private space for you to organize and store your gear during the competition and defines the space where you’ll spend your time between competition events. With the right stall drapes, you can create a winning atmosphere for your horses as well as yourself.

Benefits of Stall Curtains

Nothing adds a hint of class and beauty to a tent, quite like horse show stall curtains. With their beautiful colors and designs, they can quickly set your equestrian farm or business high above the competition by showing passersby that you are serious about your animals. However, horse show stall curtains aren’t just for looks; instead, they serve a wide variety of important functions.


Stall curtains will provide you with privacy during the competition while also setting boundaries for your personal space. This can give you some time to relax and prepare for upcoming events. With the use of stall curtains, you’ll find it easier to organize and store your gear, in addition to giving you the chance to work with your horse in privacy. When you need a break from the exhaustion of the show, curtains give you the perfect hide-away, so you can spend some time alone.


Stall drapes also block your area from the elements, making it possible to keep your gear safe from excessive sunlight, rain, and wind. If you purchase stall curtains, you’ll be able to display your ribbons, banners, and other accessories where they can easily be seen. With the curtains as a backdrop, these awards will look great and may even boost your confidence.

Our product will keep out direct sunlight and keep it off expensive leather and other gear as well as shelter things under your tent from wind and rain, and muffle some of the noise at busy competition venues. Stall drapes provide privacy for much-needed downtime from the public eye, so you can relax and refresh from the stress of competition. These drapes can also help you keep a more centered and focused state of mind, so you can work well with your horse while performing. The private space these curtains provide may also be beneficial for unwinding after a big performance or some intense competition.


Another very useful purpose for horse show stall drapes is to provide a beautiful backdrop for your horse show accessories. This product provides a place to display ribbons, barn name banners, special blankets, and other accessories that show your pride and ability. It is very comforting to be able to arrange your belongings in an attractive display for the public and as a reminder for yourself of what you’ve accomplished and why you’ve come to compete. It can be very motivating to hang your barn banner alongside ribbons and awards you’ve won, reminding you of your competence for competition and sustaining your confidence during tough events.

Decorate your show barn with Stall Curtains and Matching Valances for a winning look! Call us to sketch out your show barn with horse show curtains, valances & awning tents, show banners, and more. Our valance styles are extremely spacious and come in all shapes and sizes.

Showcase your shown barn with custom stall drapes, stall awnings, and horse show accessories, such as director chairs, tack trunk covers & barn name banners, and more! We specialize in matching our drapes to your tack trunk colors and barn themes. With these drapes, you are sure to stand out from the rest of your competition and make a bold statement.

Protect Your Investment

However, to ensure your stall curtains remain attractive, you’ll want to take care of them. Once a show is over, it’s a good idea to brush them off with a small broom or brush. Then, gently take the curtains down, and fold them. After this, be sure to store them in a safe dry location.

If your stall curtains get dirty, which will probably happen frequently, hang them up or place them over a rail. Then, gently scrub them with some mild detergent and a scrub brush. Next, rinse the curtains thoroughly and let them dry. This will keep your drapes clean and safe until you need them again.

Final Thoughts

Our drapes are made from Sunbrella Marine canvas. This fabric is not only durable but fade resistant as well and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against fading to protect your purchase. Our stall drapes come in sizes ranging from 6 feet to 12 feet wide, and custom sizes are available on request. You’ll also get Valances Velcro© Which will allow you to get your curtains on and off with ease. These curtains will also give you a smooth, wrinkle-free look. So, why not give your stall a great look and yourself some privacy by purchasing some horse stall drapes today.

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