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Horse Grooming Boxes

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Our grooming boxes are handmade in wood or vinyl to match your existing tack boxes with your logo too. These boxes are portable and necessary to store medication, tack and barn essentials to operate a show barn. Professionally made and looks great!

Stylish grooming boxes are not only beautiful, but they are also highly functional and durable. They will provide years of use and will be an invaluable asset to you at a horse show or stable. Grooming boxes come in a variety of similar sizes and can be wall mounted or placed on a floor or table in wood or vinyl. Size: 23 and three-fourths x 12 and three-fourths x 19in width.

Our Grooming Boxes are Portable and can mount on the stall at the horse show store the Meds, Tack and Barn Essentials to Operate a Show Barn. Grooming Boxes come in Vinyl or Wood.

A horse grooming box is needed whether you have one horse or many in your stable. These boxes provide you with a beautiful place to store all the grooming supplies for your horse. It is difficult to organize your grooming supplies without a special box, and you must invest a place to store these items.

Our wooden grooming box options allow you a secure location to keep all your grooming items. You have many things to keep together, and these boxes prevent them from being spread all over the stable. You can groom your horse at any time, and you can replace the items when you are done.

Each wood grooming box is designed to match the grooming boxes that you already have in the stable, or you can have them designed to match the stable itself. These grooming boxes can be stamped with your monogram, or they can be set up with the logo of your farm.

Our grooming boxes that you choose are going to allow you to remain organized regardless of how often you have to groom the horses. Your most prized animals are much easier to take care of because you are using the grooming box. There is a small slot for the bottles that go in the box, and you will find a small shelf where you can rest the brushes you need.

1) Wooden Grooming Box

Horse grooming boxes are essential for organizing, storing, and transporting your grooming equipment. Totes, trunks, and boxes keep your tack, grooming tools, medical supplies, and supplements organized and protected from harsh elements, or damage, theft, or loss of critical supplies. All grooming gear for mane and tail, coat and hoofs can be easily transported.

Clippers, sponges, bottles and sprays, brushes, etc. may be organized in drawers, compartments, and slide-out trays. Your items will remain organized, in-place, and in good, clean, and usable condition whenever you are ready to use them.

Our grooming boxes are convenient as well as functional and portable. Grooming boxes come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and colors. Typical grooming box size varies in capacity (inside measure) from approximately 0.57 CF (16 liters) to approximately 1.06 CF (30 liters). Smaller sizes (overall 18”W x 18”D x 19 ½”L) are ideal for young equestrians! Pull-out trays and drawers are constructed of solid wood. Our wood and vinyl grooming boxes’ overall (outside) measure is approximately 3 CF. They are lightweight, portable, and protect your horse supplies.

Our handmade wood and vinyl grooming boxes have solid exteriors that are well-constructed and well-sealed for durability. Our wood grooming boxes, totes, and trunks are made from (birch) hardwood with cherry or walnut finish. The solid construction of both of our wood and vinyl boxes ensures horse supplies, tools, or medical supplies are protected from deteriorating moisture, humidity, and pests. Walls are extra-thick, which provides added reinforcement.

Each grooming box, tote, or trunk includes brass or chrome edge molding and hinge that match the box’s secure latch and lock, carry hardware, and personalized monogramming or logo. Security is of the utmost importance. We ensure quality latches and locks that will not weather and deteriorate over time. Hardware fittings, locks, and moldings should complement the appearance of the box. The metal molding protects the container from damage during transport, as well as adds a distinctive premier appearance. They may be a simple, elegantly finished, natural wood grain boxes or elaborately designed, reinforced, or customized with your logo, brand, monogram, horse’s name, etc.

Our grooming boxes are portable or able to be securely anchored on any wall in your barn, stable, tack room, or grooming stall. They are lightweight, durable, and each one has pull-out trays and drawers to organize your horse supplements, tools, and supplies. Some of our boxes also come equipped with a variety of horse supplies. One of our signature boxes fits your needs and budget and is the right one for you.

Our Heritage Grooming Box is our basic compact wood grooming box model that is fully-functional, totally portable, and a roomy space-saving solution for storing stable and stall supplies. It is a simply designed, durable, finished natural wood, 23 ¾”W x 12 ¾”D x 19”L wood grooming box. This grooming box has a large flip-up, hinged door that is secured by a brass (or chrome) lock and closure, and side, carrying hardware. Our Heritage Box is more than a wood box! Inside, there are plenty of space and slide-out trays to safely organize and transport your tack, saddle pad, hoof hook, sprays, and tools.

Our Prestige Grooming Box is a classically traditional, brass/chrome-trimmed wooden grooming box that holds a variety of variety of horse supplies for transport or for barn use and storage. Our Prestige Box is a lightweight, sturdy, and roomy 23 ¾”W x 12 ¾”D x 19”L. It transports easily and retains its durability. It has a large flip-up, hinged door secured by a brass (or chrome) lock and closure, and side, carrying hardware. Inside, there are slide-out trays for tack and tools, and space for bottles to be safely transported upright. We offer to customize on this wood grooming box. A personalized wood grooming box for each horse helps you organize and quickly identify your grooming box when you take it with you. This premier box comes complete with a set of our signature show and stable supplies.

Our Vinyl Grooming Box is a lightweight, sturdy, engraved personalized wooden grooming box alternative. It is metal-trimmed for durability. It is portable or may be mounted on a wall for easy access. Our Vinyl Box is a spacious 23 ¾”W x 12 ¾”D x 19”L. It has a large flip-up, hinged door secured by a brass (or chrome) lock and closure, and side, carrying hardware that matches the metal trim. Inside, there are slide-out trays for tack and tools. We customize this grooming box according to your specifications. Provide us with your brand, logo, monogram, color, etc., or choose from our selection of colors, styles, and font scripts.

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