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Vinyl Bit Box | Horse Bit Organization | Horse Stable Accessories

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Our bit boxes are crafted with 3 dowels with a vinyl exterior. You can optionally add 2 to 3 more dowels. It comes with a stained and finished interior too.

Bit box size: Length 24″, Width 14″, Height 16″

A vinyl bit box offers a handsome storage solution for your collection of bits. It allows for easy organization and easy transportation for bits of all sizes in a sturdy, customizable box.

Our chest-style vinyl bit boxes are 24 inches long, 14 inches wide and 16 inches high. They are made of wood with vinyl exteriors and metal trim. We only sell boxes made with quality materials and construction, so you can be assured of getting many years of useful life from the product.

The interior of the bit box is finished in your choice of walnut or cherry stain or a clear coat. The boxes come with three dowels standard, and you can order two or three more dowels to increase the capacity. The adjustable rails allow you to add, remove and reorganize the dowels to best fit your needs.

The exterior surfaces of the bit boxes are covered with vinyl. We offer a standard selection of over 20 colors as well as the lager Sunbrella palette. These colors include a wide range of reds, blues, yellows, greens and neutrals.

You can choose to add logos or other artwork to the vinyl sides of the box. We offer over a dozen pictures as stock art logos, including horses and riders, and horse and fox heads. If you prefer to use the brand or logo of your stable, we are happy to work with you to produce a custom box.

You also have options for the lettering and borders that will decorate the vinyl. We can use the font style of your logo if you have chosen to customize your bit box, or you can select from our stock monograms, breed logos and lettering styles. Each vinyl panel can be attractively bordered with one of several border styles.

The metal trim on the vinyl bit box is available in either chrome or brass. The matching hardware includes the top latch and the sturdy metal handles on each side.

The vinyl bit box is part of the collection we offer of customizable, coordinated products. It is important for your stable to project an image of professionalism and quality while promoting your identity. By using trunks, boxes, sheets, banners and other items that bear the colors and logo of your operation, you will present a uniform message and a strong brand.

Give us a call to discuss our custom products or submit a quote form on our site. You can use the sheet quote form for a sheet quote, or any of the other forms for the items you are interested in. We offer quality customization that is guaranteed to satisfy.


Our bit boxes come with 3 dowels with a vinyl exterior. You can optionally add 2 to 3 more dowels. Stained clear finished interior is included, with optional darker stain too.

If you are opting to use Sunbrella colors or have custom artwork, you will need to place your order over the phone or via email.

1) What colors do you want? Does your barn have specific colors they prefer you to use?

Sunbrella Colors

Standard Colors

2) Do you have existing artwork or we can help you make your logo? If not, you can use our Stock art as an option for a logo

Horse Logos

Stock Art Logos

3) Last, we suggest you pick out a border or for a fancy look, add piping to each side of the vinyl surface. Lettering options are provided or you can send us your own fonts to use for Monogramming.

Lettering & Borders

What does Piping Look Like?


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