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Fancy Brass Trimmed Grooming Box | Tack Box | Order Easily Online!

Our elegant and stylish wood grooming boxes trimmed in brass or chrome are beautiful and durable. Perfect for horse shows!

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Size: 23 3/4 x 12 3/4x 19in WDL (inches)

Our elegant and stylish wood grooming boxes trimmed in brass or chrome are not only beautiful, but they are also highly functional and durable for years to come. They are invaluable for a horse show or stable use to store tack. They are portable and can anchor against any wall with a strong hook.

The Prestige grooming box is a durable, functional, and beautiful cabinet to store all your necessary grooming supplies. Sturdy enough for everyday use in the stable and portable for easy transport to shows, this is a premier choice among grooming boxes.

The Prestige box is made of wood for a classic, traditional look. It is available in your choice of cherry or walnut finishes and is edged with metal trim in either brass or chrome. These choices are not only attractive but allow you to coordinate the box with your tack trunk.

This grooming box is designed with a large door on the front that is hinged at the top to swing up. Inside is a shallow drawer at the top that runs the full width of the cabinet. Below is a deep space on the left to hold spray bottles, jugs, and other tall or wide containers. To the right are a drawer and an open tray to hold grooming utensils and other supplies.

The door of the grooming box locks to keep your equipment secure. On each side of the box is a handle that allows it to be easily moved within the stable or loaded onto a truck or trailer for transport. The lock and handle hardware is made of chrome or brass to match the trim.

The Prestige grooming box is roomy but compact. With dimensions in inches of 23.75 by 12.75 by 19, it is sturdy enough to be stored on the floor but small enough to place on a table or shelf for easier access. If you choose to keep the grooming box in a permanent location, it can be secured to the wall with a hook.

If you would like to personalize your grooming box, you can have it customized with your name or the name of your stable. If you have several horses or would like to keep your favorite tools for each horse separate, you can order several boxes and have each one customized with a horse’s name. Personalization is the best way to make sure you can identify your own grooming box when you take it on the road.

For a truly impressive look, consider coordinating your Prestige grooming box with a complete set of our stable and show supplies. Stall guards, stall curtains, show curtains, tack trunks, and grooming boxes in colors that work together and are emblazoned with your brand make a statement about the quality of your operation.

We have an easy online sheet quote form system that will help us work with you. Contact us for complete custom pricing information.

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  1. Judy

    Excellent box that stores my tack at horse show with no assembly

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