Horse Show Free Standing Awning Tent Full Setup

Our canopy awnings, drapes and swings frames are made by hand, and then powder coated with automotive enamel for a strong finish that is color matched to your drapes. Each top is fitted to your frame, and trimmed out to match your drape decor.

This is a custom, made-to-order item. Production timeline estimate: 4-6 weeks, subject to change.


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Our awnings drapes or pop-up tent are made by hand, and then powder coated with automotive enamel for a strong finish that is color-matched to your drapes. Each top is fitted to your frame and trimmed out to match your drapes.

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Sunbrella Fabric Inventory of colors: Sunbrella Colors

An awning tent can be large enough to fit an entire horse under it, and that may very well be what you want at your horse show. That’s why our custom-made horse show awning tents are not only specially made for horse shows, but they are also of high quality. This awning comes in many different customizable variations. You can choose certain visual details you want to create the perfect peak awning tent for you.

There are many colors that you can choose from for the binding, border, and general area of your awning tent. These colors and their respective fabric are made from the famous Sunbrella fabric company. Colors can range from bright, such as Capri and Buttercup, to dark, such as Concord and Ivy. Besides solid colors, there are also texture colors. This includes Silica, Tresco, and Crest textures.

You can choose to have a straight, double, or triple awning, each of them being 10’x10′ peak awning covers. These awnings can be used for extra shade when the weather is hot and the sun is shining or as one or more extra covers for when it rains. An awning frame is available, and it is also 10’x10′. Corner and pole box replacements are offered as well to cover the sharp edges of the poles and the awning tent.

Our awning tents feature well-crafted embroidery that you can also customize. We can embroider your logo directly on the awning tent. You can even have us create a logo for you. You can then decide where on the awning tent you can put your logo: on the left side, the right side, or in the center. The city and state, as well as the trainer’s name, can also be embroidered on the awning tent. All you have to do is select the individual size and placement options for these specific pieces of information. Finally, the size of the embroidered letters themselves can be determined, ranging from three inches to nine inches.

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Add a protective shade screen to keep the sun and bugs out of the tent while at the horse shows as shown below.


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