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Types of Storage Trunks

Types of Storage Trunks

Types of Storage Trunks

Types of Storage Trunks

There are many kinds of storage trunks. They are a great choice for organizing all types of things. Trunks are portable and can be locked for added security. They also fit in many different spaces. If you are ready to learn more about the most common types of storage trunks, keep reading!

Standard Storage Trunk

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This is a really basic and effective kind of storage organizer. This trunk will usually not come with storage compartments built-in or segmented storage spaces on the interior, making it a flexible storage solution. These trunks are multi-purpose and portable.

Standard trunks are used for items needed regularly as well as for things that need to be transported. They typically use a common padlock and feature reinforced well-made carrying handles.

Tack Trunk

Tack trunks come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. They range from simple vinyl construction to fancy and customized wooden boxes. Tack trunks usually come with a brush tray and other storage compartments, inside of the trunk. This allows for the storage of saddles, bridles, brushes, boots, and more.

Tack trunks are a very convenient storage solution for a barn because they keep everything safe and secure. You can also enjoy easy access to your tack and horse care items when stored in one location. A tack trunk is usually portable making it easy to transport when you and your horse travel to events.

Rolling Trunk

A rolling trunk can be a really good solution for items that you might need to relocate frequently, or heavy things that are not simple to move one at a time. Tools, drapes, heavy books, and other large items can easily be stored in this kind of trunk to be moved around as needed. This can be the right kind of trunk for college dorm use as well as a shop or garage.

A rolling trunk can be made of many different materials and will often be a simple design without interior storage shelves. Durable wheels are usually included with this kind of trunk that allows you to tilt the trunk and roll it easily. This is a very effective storage solution for many kinds of items.

Bench-Style Storage Trunk

If you have a need for a large trunk but have a small room, a bench-style trunk is a great choice. You will be able to store everything that you need and access it readily just by opening the top of the trunk which doubles as a seat. This is a great choice for locations where space is at a premium.


Trunks Can Provide Superior Storage Solutions

Whether you need storage for your kid’s playroom, your home office, or your horse’s tack, you will find a trunk to satisfy those needs. The kind of trunk that works for one person or situation might not always work for another. Buying the right trunk can make all the difference and you will be glad that you took the time to do some research first.