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Tack Trunk Tips for Storing Winter Gear

Tack Trunk Tips for Storing Winter Gear

As the seasons change and a crisp chill fills the air, it is time for equestrians to switch their gear and prepare for the winter riding season. Tack trunks, those essential pieces of equipment for any rider, can often become cluttered and disorganized with the change of seasons. Learn some valuable tack trunk tips for storing winter riding gear below.

Cleaning Your Tack Trunk

Comprehensive cleaning is the initial step in preparing your tack trunk for the winter season. Start by emptying every single item from the trunk, starting from the smallest hoof pick to the most substantial saddle pad. This process will provide you with a clear view of what you have and what needs replacing.

A lot of dirt and debris can collect in the bottom of your tack trunk over the summer and fall seasons. Use a mild detergent and warm water to cleanse its interior. Ensure you scrub all the corners and crevices thoroughly to eradicate any accumulated dust, dirt, or grime. Once clean, let it air dry before replacing any items.

Storing Off-Season Gear

The next step is to identify which items are for winter use and which are for the off-season. It’s better to store items such as lightweight riding jackets, summer breeches, and fly masks at home during the winter months. Doing so allows you to create more space in your tack trunk for the thicker, warmer gear necessary for cold-weather riding.

Packing Your Winter Gear

With a clean trunk and sorted gear, it is now time to pack your winter riding essentials. Saddle pads and blankets, in particular, can occupy significant space in your tack trunk. A handy tip here is to pack these bulky items in zipped plastic storage bags. These bags help save space and shield your gear from moisture, dirt, and odors. You can even use the kind of bag that allows you to use a vacuum to remove excess air and shrink the bulk of the bag to help it fit into your trunk.

Always place heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top when packing your trunk. This arrangement will prevent potential damage to your gear and make it easier for you to find what you need quickly.

Drying Tack Post-Ride

One crucial tip for winter riding is to dry your tack immediately after a ride. This practice helps avoid freeze-thaw-freeze cycles, which can cause the leather to crack. Proper care and maintenance of your gear can significantly extend its lifespan.

With these tack trunk tips for storing winter gear, you can efficiently organize your tack trunk, making it ready for the winter riding season. Remember, a clean and organized tack trunk simplifies your routine and prolongs the life of your riding gear. Our custom tack trunks make it easy to stay organized while also highlighting your barn’s logo, your horse’s name, or your initials. Therefore, prepare your cleaning supplies and begin organizing your tack trunk today. Happy winter riding!