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How to Organize a Tack Box

How to Organize a Tack Box
How to Organize a Tack Box

How Big Should a Tack Box be?

A tack box refers to a trunk where horse owners store their riding equipment (horse tack), including the saddle, grooming items, and bridle. It is a must-have accessory for equestrians as it offers a stylish and effective way to ensure that your tack remains clean and organized in the barn or at horse shows.

Horse tack boxes come in different sizes; it all depends on your storage needs. If you want a permanent trunk for the stables, you should measure your tack room to determine the best size. Some trunks are large enough to offset the saddle rack and have shelves for more stuff, while others are small, lightweight, and movable. Rolling travel tack trunks are usually smaller and more portable as they are mostly used at horse shows or on the go. 

What should I have in my tack box?

The items you keep in tack boxes say a lot about you as an equestrian. Notably, the trunk is the perfect place to store your most indispensable items. We have come up with a list of some of the most basic items that you should always have in your tack box:

  • A first aid kit (for the horse and humans)
  • Grooming supplies
  • Rubber gloves
  • Zip ties
  • Helmet
  • Emergency accessories such as torch batteries, an extra phone charger, and blankets.

How do you make a tack box?

If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you can build and customize your own custom tack box to ensure that it meets your storage needs. Before constructing it, you will need to take measurements, identify your wood, and determine the features you want to include. You can purchase different woodworking plans or look up YouTube tutorials. If you are on a budget, you can make a custom tack box by customizing a large toolbox.

Organizing a tack box

Whether at the barn or horse shows, your tack box will collect dust and become disorganized. You might need to organize it a couple of times a year. You can follow these steps whenever you want to declutter and efficiently arrange your trunk.

1.    Empty the Trunk and Clean it.

The first step in organizing your horse tack box is removing everything and ensuring it’s empty. You should then clean it up as best as possible with a non-toxic cleaner, vacuum, towels, and water. Replace any vinyl if need be. If it is movable, take it outside, where you can effectively clean it.

2.     Sort your Horse’s Tack

While the trunk is drying, you should sort through the tack and toss or donate everything you don’t use.  Ideally, you can create two piles, one for the things you use and another for those you don’t. At this stage, counter check the expiry dates on medications and supplements, and dispose of any empty containers. Additionally, dust or clean up all the tack you choose to keep. You want to ensure everything is fresh and clean before repacking your trunk.

From the to-keep pile, group all the items in specific groups and pack them in labeled containers. For instance, you can have different bags and containers for grooming tools, cleaning supplies, first aid kits, and last-minute tack. This way, you can quickly skim through your items and get whatever you need hassle-free. Store seasonally used items such as winter gloves and fly sheets in the house or a closet in your barn to keep them from gathering dust in the trunk. When the seasons change, you can swap them.

Smaller items can be easily tossed or misplaced. So, it’s advisable to pack them in Ziplock baggies or unused bags for easier access. If you want, you can pack liquids in bags to prevent them from spilling on other items.

3.    Use Tack Box Dividers and pocket organizers for Convenient Packing

Notably, tax boxes don’t come with built-in dividers. However, you can buy them on eBay, Amazon, or your preferred shopping outlets. There are multiple types of dividers, including wooden, grid, or plastic dividers. Find the type that appeals to you and use it to organize your tack.

Repack your items based on convenience by placing the most used at the top. You can also hang one or two pocket organizers on the sides of your trunk and use them to store items that you need to grab quickly whenever you are riding. Organizers give you extra storage for your tack.

4.     Always place your items in the right place after use

After riding, put all the items back where you got them. In doing so, you maintain an organized system and save yourself time. Furthermore, you will only need to do minimal cleaning when the time comes.

Organizing your horse’s tack box can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, it is very crucial as it helps de-stress your riding times.