Why Horse Owners Should Consider Stall Guards?

Explore All The Reasons Why Horse Owners Consider Horse Stall Guards & How to Customized Them for your Show Barn


Stall guards come in many styles, colors, and sizes. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as nylon, vinyl, PVC mesh, or canvas. Most people think stall guards simply serve one purpose. That purpose is to keep a horse inside of its stall. However, stall guards can be used for other purposes as well.

Designing custom stall guards or webbings is easy, just send an image camera photo to us and we can send back to you a “proof” of what your stall guard will look like for a nominal fee.

The primary purpose of a stall guard is indeed to keep the horse from coming out of the stall. The stall guard or chain may be used to keep the animal in a stall for a short period or long time period. However, if using an open web designed stall guard, the horse should not be left unsupervised for a long time. This is because the horse could accidentally get its leg entangled, which would lead to an injury. However, utilizing stall guards and chains instead of solid stall doors will help to improve the air circulation in the barn. The guard is also easier to adjust to the individual horse than a solid or Dutch door would be.

Providing a stall with a stall guard that allows a horse to look out may calm a nervous horse. If you hang the hay net filled with hay outside the door, the nervous horse can eat while watching what is going on around the barn. Horses are usually social creatures, preferring to be in larger groups. Being able to look out of the stall and see other horses will be reassuring to the horse. However, be sure to put hay on the floor or in a crib too, so the horse can lower its head to eat in a natural position as well.

In addition, the stall guard can assist in training a horse. This is especially true when using the clicker or targeting methods of training. Placing a horse behind the stable guard makes it easier to teach the horse how to accept treats politely. The stable guard also makes feeding times safer for the caregiver. Stable guards and stall chains can also assist with breaking a horse from bad habits, such as kicking or crowding a person.

Another use for stall guards is to display information or to make a show barn look classier. Owners of show horses or race horses frequently have stall guards customized with their logos and stable colors to enhance their business image. In addition, they usually will have portable stall guards and chains made with their logos and colors. This is partially due to providing a means of keeping the valuable horse inside the unfamiliar stall. However, the customized stall guards also make an excellent way of advertising the stable’s services.

Stall guards may also be used as a temporary method of separating horses from each other. For instance, a solid stall guard can be used in a stock trailer to separate a mother from her foal while traveling. Whether at home or traveling, stall guards and chains make horse management much easier for the owner.

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