The Life of a Tack Room

The Tack Room

“A Horse! A Horse! my kingdom for a horse!”
– Shakespeare

Taking care of a horse begins with the housing of the horse. Stable needs are many but the basic stable should be a comfortable one for the horse and a convenient one for the horse owner. A horse
lover will certainly look for the proper environment to house his horses.

Horse stalls should be properly designed to house horses and the activities associated with hores
management. A spacious one is welcome but one that is spacious may not turn out be a convenient one, unless it has the proper stable equipment.

A modern horse stable is built with an eye to hold all necessary horse supplies and hardware in a convenient manner.
Whether it is a personal stable or a commercial stable, the main aim is to provide proper stalls for horses, amenities and allocate places for storing the necessary materials.

The ideal horse stall should provide enough space for each horse. It is imperative that it is annexed with a field for exercising the
animals and training them, for show jumping or the race track. Housing and feeding should go with proper exercising.

The basic necessity of a horse barn is the traditional horse tack trunk. These trunks are specific for each horse and they are mostly portable. A stable without the needed tack trunks may find it hard to
take proper care of the horses.

Tack trunks and tote boxes store papers, drapery, medicines, saddles, bits, grooming brushes and other hardware related to horse care. They are kept safe and ready for use. The medicines should be
kept away from the horses but should remain handy as well.

The tack rooms should have whip holders for hanging whips and crops. Feed cards are a place to record the horse’s feed-schedule for
the ranch hand. Many stables also have breed details and other information like the name of theowner on their stable boards. provides quality designer products aimed at every need of a horse stable. They have designer tack trunks in wood or vinyl for choice. The shining stainless steel top along with the
trimmings and monograms in brass or chrome, make them very beautiful. The use of such designer boxes and boards increases not just the looks of the horse stable but also helps the organization of
the stable. also provides proper tack trunk stands for all their trunks to keep them at a raised level, away from the floor. We also provide dollies for easy portability. These stands help the looks of the
trunks and also make cleaning the stable easy. The racks, benches and mounting blocks make maintenance easy. Tack trunk owners are people who know horses and stables cannot survive without a tack room.

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