TackTrunks.com Chosen to Build Stall for Previous Kentucky Derby Champion, Go for Gin

horse stall for kentucky derby 

Image Credit: Erin Aiken / flickr

TackTrunks.com, which specializes in making personalized wood and vinyl tack trunks meant to last a lifetime, has been chosen to build stall guards for the oldest living Kentucky Derby Champion, Go for Gin.

The company which serves the whole equestrian nation with hand-built horse and stable pieces made of cherry and walnut will help keep Go for Gin in his pen at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.

Typical stall guards get stretched out by horses who want to get over the stall guard. A stretched stall guard increases the risk of injury to a valuable horse. It is recommended to double chain the top of the stall guard placement to ensure that the horse does not stretch out the top of the guard by leaning over it.

TackTrunks stall guards are meant to last a lifetime with proper care. Like a well-conditioned racehorse, the webbing doesn’t wear out and will keep Go for Gin safe.  The stall guards will also provide him with personalized branding. The TackTrunks and Go for Gin’s care teams have a vast number of colors and designs to choose from that will coordinate with the rest of his stall. Visitors will also find a custom logo printed on the stall guard, recognizing Go for Gin’s historic achievements.

TackTrunks considers being chosen to keep safe the oldest living Kentucky Derby Champion a privilege. Visitors to the Kentucky Horse Park can see Go for Gin, his stall, and his new stall guard at the entrance to the Hall of Champions. TackTrunks products are known for their durability and sharp looks in a sport synonymous with beautiful, graceful animals.

You don’t need to house a Kentucky Derby winner to add a new stall guard to your barn. Don’t need a stall guard? That’s okay, you can still find many other well-made products online at TackTrunks.com. Their expertise will make your company and horse’s logo stand out. Consider shopping TackTrunks.com for everything needed to make a horse stall look coordinated, put together, and functional. 

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