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Tack Trunk Maintenance: Keeping Your Tack in Top Condition

Tack Trunk Maintenance: Keeping Your Tack in Top Condition

As an equestrian, you understand the importance of tack trunk maintenance. Keeping your tack in top condition involves careful storage and protecting tack when you travel. A well-maintained trunk can make horse shows more enjoyable and efficient while reducing the stress of trying to keep your tack clean and organized in a busy barn.

Why Tack Trunk Maintenance Matters

Tack trunks are essential tools that every rider needs to keep their gear organized, clean, and easily accessible. When well-maintained, tack trunks can last for years. Proper maintenance can also prevent damage to your costly gear. Damaged tack can also be a safety hazard for both you and your horse during events.

Step-by-Step Tack Trunk Maintenance: The Inside

With a few simple steps, you can establish a tack trunk maintenance routine to perform seasonally, ensuring you have the right gear readily available at the right time.

Emptying the Tack Trunk: Start by taking everything out of your trunk. Once everything is out, you can clean the trunk thoroughly and assess the condition of all your items.

Sweeping or Vacuuming the Inside of the Trunk: Use a brush and dustpan to sweep or a hand vacuum with a crevice tool attachment to remove dirt, grass, and other debris.

Cleaning Tack and Gear: Take the time to clean and condition all your leather tack and clean all the other gear that goes in the trunk. Inspect your gear for wear and tear, and make repairs where necessary.

Sorting and Organizing Everything: Sort everything you took out of your tack trunk to determine its condition, how often you use it, and whether you really need it. Place small items in zippered bags or small covered containers such as cookie tins or empty coffee cans with plastic tops.

Replacing Only Essential Gear: When refilling your trunk, pack only the gear you use frequently during the current season. This measure will make it easier to find and access the items you need when at a show or event.

Avoid storing wet gear in your tack trunk. Launder and dry blankets and towels, clean and condition leather, and wipe any moisture off metal items before you store them again.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Tack Trunk

Caring for the outside of your tack trunk is just as important as cleaning the inside. To keep your tack trunk looking good and doing the best job of protecting your tack, be sure to do the following.

Wipe Down the Outside of Your Trunk: Gently wipe off the outside of your tack trunk using a damp cloth or cleaner recommended by the trunk manufacturer.

Use a Protective Cover: Tack trunk covers keep your tack trunk dry in inclement weather and keep it clean during travel. Protect your trunk and the gear inside it with a tack trunk cover. You can order a customized cover with your initials, your barn’s logo, or an equestrian graphic.


A well-maintained tack trunk will help keep your tack in top condition. By following the above tips, you will ensure your tack trunk remains in top condition for years to come.

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Tack Trunk Maintenance: Keeping Your Tack in Top Condition

Taking care of your equestrian gear requires proper tack trunk maintenance. Keeping your tack in top condition starts with a clean, well-organized tack trunk.