Tack Box Essentials for A-Circuit Competitors

It’s amazing how quickly your tack box can become a huge mess. Overnight it seems to have filled up with random objects, mismatched gloves, and who knows what else. If you’ve had it with your tack box, it’s time to take on the task of reorganizing it and filling it with the essentials. Take a look at this fool-proof guide on how to get the best out of your tack box.

Photo by Louise Pilgaard on Unsplash

Take Things Out Before You Put Things In

The first step to keeping the essentials in your tack box is by taking everything out. Find a space suitable to spread out all the items in your tack box. Take out anything that is broken, missing parts, or just plain useless. This is also a great time to deep clean your tack box. Start by vacuuming out hair and other gunk, and finish by using suitable cleaning supplies to wipe it down.

Invest In Containers to Keep Your Tack Box Organized

One of the best ways to keep yourself organized and always be sure you have the essentials with you is by using containers. Find various sizes for different items, and make sure they are sturdy too. Group together like items, items that may leak, and special items that need extra care.

Start With Tack and Equipment

There is basic equipment you need for every show. Be sure to include things like bridles, martingales, girths, show and schooling pads, ear plugs, Polo wraps, boots, crops, and tack cleaner. Think about any back up tack you may need.

Keep Grooming Tools Well-Contained

Grooming tools are essential to every tack box. It’s important to keep items like hard and soft brushes, curry combs, main and tail brushes, and hoof picks in their own containers. This saves your tack box and other essential items from getting covered in hair. Don’t forget to have essential products like show sheen, fly spray, baby oil, and hoof paint in their own containers too, in case there are any accidents.

Don’t Forget Essentials to Show Your Horse Some Love

Always be sure to keep things in your tack box to keep your horse happy. Pack items like tail wraps and hoodies, bathing supplies, products to help sore muscles like liniment and poultice paper, and hoof packing. Remember to store your horse’s favorite snacks in a food-safe container and liquids like shampoo and conditioner in their own containers.

Remember to Take Care of Yourself As Well

Once you’re done adding in all the essential items for your horse, you need to pack everything for yourself. Some of the basic items all competitors need are sunscreen, deodorant, Chapstick, a first-aid kit, bug spray, riding gloves, spurs, scissors, hairnets, and boot polish. Also remember to think about personal items like hair ties, phone chargers, socks, hand warmers, a water bottle, and a change of clothing.

Find a Place for Important Information

It’s very important to find a place to display important information like your phone number, email address, and other vital information that you think is important. If you don’t keep your tack box locked, the inside lid is an excellent place for this information. If you do keep your tack box locked, find a suitable place on the outside of it. Think about storing a small container with paper and pens in your tack box as well.

Take a Look at What Your Barn Supplies For Your Horse 

One of the most important things you can do is find out what your barn supplies for your horse and how it operates. This helps you create your own list and helps keep your tack box organized.

Give Yourself Time to Put Your Tack Box Essentials Together

Cleaning and organizing your tack box can take a lot of time and focus. Set aside enough time to dedicate to your tack box so that you can be sure you always have what you need. Think about making a list before you get started to save yourself time. Above all else, find the joy in providing you and your horse with a beautiful, well-organized tack box!