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Tack Box Engraving

Custom engraving will add a personal touch to your tack trunk and other stable accessories. There is no better way to stand out than personalizing your horse tack!


If you ever wanted your stable and your business to look professional then you would want an engraving or labeling of some sort. Even if you do not run a horse stable, having a well designed label adds value to horse barn.
When your clients come over, they will appreciate that you took the time to place a quality engraving on the door or wall of your stable or anywhere else on your horse farm.
Our custom name plates are made by professionals and are built to last. Each name plate (stall, saddle, box) has a brilliant finish and is designed for beauty and longevity.

We offer an extensive inventory of custom engraving name plates for bridles, brow plates, saddle plates, halter plates, oval key tags, and bucket bracelets. Our custom engraving styles are English, Notched & Beveled.

Our stock art is something will want to look at or custom horse logos look nice on the nameplate as well. The artistic work that has gone into the art plates will be appreciated by you and your horse of course. We have 12 different illustrations that expand all horse breeds.

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Interested in aquiring customizable horse show equipment? provides top-rated horse show equipment and supplies tailored specifically to English-style competitions. Working with Phoenix West, a market-leading horse trunk manufacturer for over 50 years, we help show barns coordinate an award-winning look with stylish and practical tack trunks for horses.

In addition, we are experts in designing and making stall drapes, awning tents, show bannersdirector chairs and custom horse blankets that will coordinate nicely with your tack boxes.

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