Barnyard Chic: Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Horse Barn and Tack Room

Barnyard Chic: Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Horse Barn and Tack Room
Barnyard Chic: Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Horse Barn and Tack Room
Image by via MidJourney

Barnyard Chic: Stylish Ideas for Decorating Your Horse Barn and Tack Room

Ranches and homeowners know the importance of decorating their horse barns and tack room. Having a well-designed space doesn’t just benefit your animals, but it also increases the value of your property. A well-decorated horse barn and tack room can also help to ensure you meet your equestrian decor needs. Looking for inspiration for your barnyard chic? Here are ten stylish ideas to get you started.

horse barn and tack room
Image by via MidJourney

Choose a Theme

Which theme do you have in mind for your horse barn and tack room? A theme defines the overall look of your farm. While you might settle for different looks for the horse barn and the tack room, it’s important to choose a cohesive theme.

For instance, you can choose one of your horses and use it as the theme of your farm. The idea here is to have horse-themed decor that matches the color of your favorite farm animal.

Whichever animal you prefer, a cohesive theme evokes uniformity and a sense of calmness in your farm.

When choosing a theme for your farm, ensure it defines your style and personality. This ensures you don’t get bored with your theme after a while.

Color Palette

Regarding the color choice for your horse barn, it’s worth noting that most ranch owners are breaking free from tradition. This shouldn’t be different for your barnyard chic. Create the perfect atmosphere by choosing stunning stable color schemes.

Here’s a quick look at popular color schemes to update your barnyard chic.

All White

If you don’t want a block color in your barn, you can keep things simple using an all-white color. The good thing about this color is that it provides a simple approach to transforming your stables. What’s more, it creates an airy space around your stables.

Shade of Blue

A shade of blue on your farm also creates a relaxing atmosphere since it’s easy on the eyes. You don’t have to paint the whole property blue. You can try the colors on the doors and the roof first.

Use Natural Stone on the Walls

If you’re not for painting your stables’ interior, you can opt to use natural stone on the walls. It’s the perfect way to create a striking feature in the stables area.

Shade of Red

While most barns will have a grey roof, adding a chic shade of red color can give your property a facial uplift. Red stands out; it will give your barn a striking appearance.

Rustic Charm

Your stable can also adopt the conventional rustic charm with a modern twist. Add bold features to your property with black metal detailing on pale surfaces.

White Siding and Black Doors

Pairing white and black is also a classic elegant barn style. You can use this color palette on your barnyard chic to give your barn an upscale design. This is one of the best barn styles in the Southern and Northern states.

White Door with Red Siding and a Black Roof

Remember the homestead days of America? Well, this color pairing should take your mind back to the good old days. It’s also a good barnyard chic design to use on your farm.

The interior spaces of your tack room should be clean and organized
Image by via MidJourney

Functional and Stylish Storage

The interior spaces of your tack room should be clean and organized. Decades ago, tack room ideas were mostly rustic with traditional British-inspired or Western-style classic designs. But there are plenty of modern, functional, and stylish tack room designs.

Organizing your tack room is one way to ensure you enjoy the comfort of such spaces in ways you can’t get in other areas of your horse barn.

The best storage option for tack and riding gear is wooden features. The advantage of such tack rooms is that they are warm and functional. It’s also easy to keep them clean and well-maintained throughout the year.

You can also create more space in your tack room using customizable storage solutions. Before you create more shelves to create space in your tack room, consider decluttering. Get rid of the horse equipment you no longer use. It’s not just about minimalism here, but it’s important to be honest with yourself about some of the tools that only take up space in your tack room. Get rid of all these items to create space. This is the only way to keep things organized from the get-go.

Here are creative ways to incorporate storage into your design.

Organize Your Equipment

Organize your equipment into categories to ensure you can find things easier. Separate the things you use daily from the ones you use monthly or ones you rarely use.

Use Labeled Containers

Use labeled containers for quick access. For instance, items like your bridle and saddle should be stored where you can quickly access them. On the other hand, you can store other items, like shoes, spare bits, boots, etc., in closed containers.

Bucket Saddle Holders

The buckets you no longer use around your home can be used in your tack room. Install these containers on the walls of your tack room. You can mount your saddle over each container and store your saddle pads inside the bucket.

Saddle Hangers

If you strive to achieve simplicity in your design, use saddle hangers on the walls. The advantage of this design is that you can always carry the entire saddle strap when you’re moving around.

Horse Stall Decor

It’s also important to decorate your horse stalls. While you work on enhancing the overall appearance of the stable, decorating the horse stall also ensures you achieve your decor goals.

Personalize the horse stalls by choosing different colors for each stall. The color of the stall can match your horse’s color.

As for the design, you can either work with the clear span type or the interior column type. The latter works best to support the roof with the interior barn columns.

Provide your horses with a comfortable place to sleep using mat system flooring. Installing rubber mats also means you’ll require fewer bedding with them.


With plenty of energy-efficient lighting designs today, you don’t have to squint at your horses under the old flickering fluorescent bulbs. Upgrade your lighting systems with large overhead fixtures. Proper lighting will brighten the wash stalls, grooming areas, and other dark areas in your stable.

Flooring and Wall Treatments

Flooring and wall treatments are crucial when building or renovating your horse barn. Choosing the right floor designs will have an impact on your horse’s health. Besides considering your horse’s health when working on your floors, you should also think about maintenance. Some floors are easier to maintain than others. You should also consider whether you’ll install different floors for the stalls and aisles.

The flooring design you work with will largely depend on your budget, your available materials, and your farm’s natural soil. The different types of flooring you can install for a chic barnyard look include wood, concrete, grid floors, and interlocking brick.

For the wall treatments, consider installing wall coverings that give your stables a clean and elegant look.

Seating Areas

Your barnyard seating area shouldn’t be neglected, as this is where your clients will spend most of their time after training or riding sessions. As a result, it’s important to design the barn lounge with the clients in mind.

Think about how your clients will use the lounge. The lounge should serve its purpose. Will they use the lounge as a viewing room, or will they want to relax after riding?

One of the most important considerations for the seating area is the size. It’s always good to make the seating area spacious, especially if it will be used for competitions, shows, and parties.

Invest in installing the right windows in the lounge, preferably tall windows, as they will create an illusion of a bigger space.

Consider other amenities your clients will find useful in the lounge, including a fridge, a bathroom, a microwave, and of course, comfortable seats.

Artwork and Wall Decor

Beautify your horse barn with equestrian-themed artwork. Consider your wall decor when choosing these artworks. The colors should blend perfectly to create an authentic look and feel.

Textiles and Soft Furnishings

The textiles you use on your horse ban can also help you to achieve your barnyard chic design. A mixture of bright, chic colors like red, pink, white, lime green, and pale blue will give you a chic and luxe feel.

Choose fabric materials that are easy to clean for easier maintenance in the long run.

Personal Touches

Personalize your horse ban by ensuring it’s not just a functional shelter for your horses. Besides creating a pleasant environment for your horses, your barn design should reflect your style. Consider using custom doors, gates, and stalls to achieve a more customized appearance.


Creating a horse barn with a chic barnyard design is about embracing and exploring your creativity. You can personalize your horse ban in every manner possible. The most important thing to focus on is to ensure your preferred design ideas allow for increased functionality. 

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