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Horse Stock Art Logos

Explore our stock art logo’s for Tack Boxes, Stable Boards, Stall Guards an more!

Our stock art logo’s can be applied to any of our vinyl products. In case you do not have a barn logo to imprint on your vinyl tack boxes, you can opt to use our stock art. We have stock art  logo for all riding diciplines: Dressage, Hunters, Racing and more! We have created an extensive collection of stock art logos to apply to any of your vinyl products. Don’t have a logo? No worries. Our stock art is available to all our clients. No matter what your riding discipline is, you can trust that we have the perfect fit for you. We carry stock art logos for disciplines like dressage, racing, hunters, and more. Let your vision reflect in your horse logo images caliber by working with us to develop an outstanding, unique visual.

Jumper horse logo for your tack trunk

umper horses participate in the equestrian event known as show jumping. Show jumper horses are required to be very versatile, as they must have the courage to jump over tall fences, and the speed and agility to turn sharp corners at high speeds. Tall horse breeds such as Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds are the most typical type of jumper horses. Equestrians who participate in show jumping might gravitate towards this logo. Want to identify yourself as a master equestrian? Consider this jumper horse logo for your tack trunk.

Dressage horse logo for your tack trunk
Dressage is an equestrian event that represents horse training at its most masterful. It exists at many levels; from amatuer shows to the Olympic games. It involves training horses to memorize specific steps and getting those horses to perform those steps at the correct times. The most typical horse breed used in dressage is the Warmblood. If you are an equestrian who masters dressage, you will surely want to identify yourself with this dressage horse logo for your tack trunk. It will provide a tasteful and classy image that projects total confidence in your ability to train a horse.

Quarter horse logo for your tack trunk
Named for its ability to outrun other horses in races of a quarter-mile or less, the quarter horse is known for its propensity at running high speeds over short distances. Some quarter horses have been clocked at up to 55 miles per hour. While quarter horses are often seen in horse racing, they are also often seen in rodeos, horse shows, and on ranches. If you’re a quarter horse owner, you might be interested in ordering this quarter horse logo for your tack trunk. It will give your trunk character and identify you as the proud owner of a quarter horse.

Gaited horse logo for your tack trunk
Not all horse owners participate in competitive sporting events. Some equestrians are just casual riders, enjoying a smooth ride on a beautiful day. These types of horse owners own gaited horses. Gaited horses are trained to provide riders with a relaxing, stress-free ride. Originally used to deliver mail, gaited horses are capable of running very long distances at a comfortable but medium pace. Common gaited horses are the Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mountain Horse, Spotted Saddle, Kentucky Mountain Horse, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso and the Icelandic Pony. If you own a gaited horse and want a logo to identify your unique ownership, consider this gaited horse logo for your tack trunk.

Race horse logo for your tack trunk
Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world. It’s a simple sport; several different horses running as fast as they can to be the first one all the way around the track. Some horses run short distances. Some horses run long distances. Some horses jump over obstacles. It is the most popular of all equestrian sports and brings in very large crowds on a consistent basis. Jockeys and horse owners alike might be interested in this logo. Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of propelling your horse to victory? Purchase this race horse logo for your tack trunk.

Event jumper horse for your tack trunk

Beginning in France, horse jumping is a sport that originally combined jumping and running cross country. The sport became a favorite of spectators when it moved to the arena. In Britain, horse jumping was originally used to cross fences during fox hunting and now has been classified as a sport on its own. If you are thrilled by flying on the back of an event jumper, you’ll be interested in purchasing this for your tack trunk.

Fox for your tack trunk

Known for their steady nature, jumping ability and incredible endurance, fox hunters, or field hunters as they are also known, can be of any breed. Fox hunting has a distinguished history and is still popular around the world. This fox represents the agility and bravery of a fox hunter and their horse and will make a dignified statement on your tack trunk.

Quarter horse head for your tack trunk

Horses are our most versatile of companions. They are not only hunters, jumpers and racers, some horses are our greatest asset during our daily work. Whether your horse is cutting cattle, beating the streets in law enforcement, used in therapy or if they are just used for your enjoyment, our general horse logo on your tack trunk will show everyone your love for this amazing animal.

Horn for your tack trunk

Most often used by fox hunters, the horn is a traditional method of communication between the hunter and the hounds. With no valves or keys, the master of the hunt and player of this horn was a skilled musician who could use their mouth and air flow to convey excitement, sadness and location to their dogs and followers. Even the image of the horn evokes emotion and nostalgia of the hunt. If you play or just enjoy following the sound of the hunt, this logo would be a unique addition to your track trunk.

Indoor female jumper for your tack trunk

There is an undeniable connection between women and horses that predates any sport. Naturally, women have competed in all forms of equestrianism. Combining their grace and agility to seemingly fly, show jumping is a physically demanding sport that takes complete trust of both the rider and the horse. Since 1956 when women were first allowed to compete in the Stockholm Olympics, women have consistently shown that deep understanding of horses. If Winston Churchill was correct that “There is something about the outside of a horse being good for the inside of a man,” than it is doubly so for women. A fitting way to show the value of this relationship is this indoor female jumper on your tack trunk.

Indoor male jumper for your tack trunk

As one of the three recognized equestrian sports in the Olympics and the one most often thought of, short of racing, show jumping has made a huge impact in its relatively short history. Show jumping originates from the enclosure acts that had fences erected on property boundaries. However, it was difficult for spectators to watch due to the cross country nature of the sport. Officially started in Britain in 1907, arena show jumping allowed spectators to admire the strength and agility of this noble animal. Show jumping is a sport gratifying to participate in and to watch. The rules and riding style of this illustrious sport have evolved and changed, yet the appeal has never waned. We believe that for the male show jumper this logo is a wonderful adornment for your tack trunk.

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