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Signature Horse Show Blankets

Signature Horse Show Blankets

We are your go to store for the best in horse blankets. The importance of having horse blankets goes beyond simply keeping your horse warm in the winter. A good horse blanket shows that you truly care for the of your horse and their well being. Many of our horse blankets are designed to fit around your horses body. The blanket will the chest all the way back to the horse’s rear end. There are straps on the blanket that will help to keep the blanket secure when they trot around or graze. We also offer blankets that will slip over the horse’s head like a poncho.

Our horse show blankets are designed to ensure that your horse is comfortable while it is grazing or is in the stall. Many of the blankets that we offer come in a number of different styles and weights depending on the season they will be used for. Our Horse Saddle Blankets are great for cool weather conditions. Our micro fleece lining with spandex exterior allows your horse to remain warm and protected from wind and rain. This blanket comes standard with legs straps that are elastic and detachable, as well as two buckets made from stainless steel.

Our blankets are perfect for horses that perform in shows or in races. These blankets are great for keeping a freshly trimmed horse’s hair well maintained and groomed. With our blankets you are sure to have a competition ready looking horse at all times. Since freshly trimmed horses no longer have hair to keep them warm, our blankets will ensure that your horse remain warm, even after getting a trim. All of our blankets can be customized with your standard insignia or with a professionally made stock image. Both design options are perfect for ensuring that your horse looks great even while staying warm or cool.
Along with our great selection of horse blankets, we also provide awesome saddle blankets. These Horse Saddle Blankets are a great option to further protect your horse. These saddle blankets help to absorb sweat from the horse and also helps protect the horse back, from frequent riding. These blankets offer an extra layer of protection between the rider and the horse, ensuring more longevity and comfort. Our saddle blankets also come in a number of styles and designs that are sure to fit your taste.

Our number one concern is that your needs be met and that we deliver the finest quality of Horse Blankets. We understand the importance of having quality materials that you can depend on. Our blankets are made to fit your particular horses shape and build, without causing them any discomfort. More importantly each of our blankets is designed with your style in mind. We also ensure that our products will last you and your horse a long time. With our saddle blankets you can rest assured that your horse will remain cool during the hottest temperatures and warm during the coldest.

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