Replacement Vinyls for Tack Trunks

Replacement Vinyls for Tack Trunks

One of the most historic benefits with owning a Phoenix West Tack Trunk is that we can replace the vinyls that sit on it. Replacing vinyls can make your trunk last for years. Some customers have had their tack trunk from the Warner days (over 25 years ago) and still look new.

1) How Do I Order Replacement Vinyls for my Tack Trunk?

We offer monogramming, stock art work or your custom image ready artwork, vinyl color selections, etc with re-vinyling your trunk.


We can re-vinyl trunks for most name brand trunks in our standard sizes, except for trunks that have a bandage lid. We do charge an additional fee to re-vinyl trunks that are not name brands. You can option to order a new top to replace your existing top. Some limitations may apply.

Replacement Vinyls Mockup

Please measure your tack trunk using the below guide so we can discuss options to repair or revinyl tack trunk for customer application. Note that our standard “large” trunk size is (Length 38 1/2″, Width, 23 3/4″, Height 22 1/4). If your trunk does not fit our standard large size, we can custom make vinyl’s with your monogramming or logo’s.

STANDARD LARGE PHOENIX WEST REPLACEMENT SIZE: (Front Panel = 15 1/2 x 37 and Side Panels = 15 1/2 x 22 3/8) Measure in between the bumpers and from end to end. The plastic sits under the trim so you would want to measure the trim.

2) How to Measure for Replacement Vinyls

Special Trunk Vinyl Replacements

Special Trunk Vinyl Replacements

3) Customer Instructions to Apply Replacement Vinyls to Tack Trunk

Below are instructions for customers to self apply re-vinyls to vinyls tack trunks for all sizes. Our re-vinyls do not fit trunks with bandage lids. If you are only replacing one panel, only remove the molding on that side of the trunk. After you remove the necessary vertical corner molding, the horizontal molding must be cut at the corners with a pair of tin snips or metal cutters.

  1. Remove the corner vertical molding pieces, followed by the two ¾” horizontal strips next to the top and bottom wood bumpers of the trunk. Remove the handles if you’re replacing the end panel(s). Remove the securing staples and peel off the vinyl panels from the trunk.
  2. Attach the new panel with the wood backing, one surface at a time, with the surface you are doing horizontal with the ground. (Face Up) Secure the panel with 4 of the small banding nails. This is just to hold the panel in place while you attach the molding.
  3. Attach the ¾” horizontal molding with the banding nails provided. Do this on all three sides if needed. Then attach the 90-degree vertical corner molding using the ¾” nails provided.
  4. On the end panel(s) you must attach the handles: Do this by drilling through the three holes already in the trunk from the handles you removed on your old trunk. Drill through with a ¼” drill bit. Then hammer in the 10/32 T-Nuts provided, in the holes from the inside of the trunk. Then screw on the handles from the outside using the 10/32 x 1 ¼” flat head machine screws provided. Do not over tighten screws.
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