How to Order a Vinyl Tack Trunk, Step by Step Guide

Answer the questions below to see what you can get with a vinyl tack trunk.


1) Select the main color and secondary color. We offer standard colors or custom Sunbrella colors. If you are wanting Sunbrella Colors, contact us to take your order over the phone or via email.


2) Do you want a border or piped borders on the front and sides and potentially the top?

3) Do you want stock art on the face of the trunk?

4) Do you want a custom logo? If yes, do you have vector or EPS digital artwork. If not, we can make the artwork for you at a nominal fee. You can use this artwork for other products to match your horse blanket, stall guards, bandage slings and more.

5) Do you want the trunk to have chrome or brass hardware?

6) What color do you want for the exposed wood or bumpers? Walnut or Cherry or any color you want from our standard or sunbrella colors we offer?


7) Do you want a stainless steel top or a vinyl top? Our trunks come with a stainless steel top, vinyl tops are additional.

8) Do you want any tack trunk options? Bandage lid, a bit box, vinyl top added, rubber top added, rolling casters, vinyl back added, cork/mirror white board insert, cedar or felt lining, sealed bottom or a show tote.

9) Do you want casters on the base of the trunk or to use wood block or a black coated stand. Cannot have both casters and a trunk stand on the base of the trunk.

10) Do you want a mock-up of your new tack trunk design for a nominal fee? The advantage of a mock up allows you to get a “preview” of what your trunk will look like before we make it.

11) Send all of this information to our Tack Trunk consultant via email to or you can call us at 877-237-2972 or you can order online using our standard colors.

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