How to Hang Horse Stall Drapes

Horse show drapes are a great way to make your show barn look professional and organized, or to add some style to your home barn. Stall drapes come in many different sizes and colors to suit your needs. It’s fairly simple to hang these show drapes yourself, and there are several methods you can use to do so. The method you use to hang your drapes will depend on the type of surface you are mounting them on. Here are several easy ways to hang your horse stall drapes. 

Metal Brackets

You can purchase metal brackets that are designed specifically for hanging stall curtains. These are very convenient and easy to use, and there are several brands that make them. They are usually adjustable, so you can use them for many different drape configurations. 

Wooden Frames

Another common solution for hanging horse drapes is to purchase a pre-made wooden frame for your horse drapes. There are many companies that will custom-make these for you, which is a great option if you’re heading to a show and want a standout design. These frames typically come with fixtures that make it easy to hang your stall drapes.

Fabric Reinforcement

If you are hanging your drapes on wood, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. You’ll need to purchase drapes with fabric headers to use this method. The fabric header is a thick section of fabric that you can staple to the wood. The extra layers will help the drapes hold up, even if you remove and reattach the staples when moving the drapes. 


This is a very easy DIY solution to hanging horse drapes. Grommets are small metal rings that you can put in the corners or top of your drapes. They create a hole that you can use to hang the grommet on a nail. Grommets also make it much easier to move your drapes to new stalls when traveling. You can purchase a grommet making tool as well as the grommets themselves online or at a home improvement store. Grommets look very polished, but they’re very affordable and easy to add to your stall guards. You can also add grommets to anything else you want to hang in your barn. 

D Rings

These are metal rings that are curved on one side and then have a straight edge. You can sew them into your stall drapes and then hang them from hooks or mount them with zip ties. They are sturdy, but they also add a little more flexibility than some of the other options for hanging stall drapes. These also make it easy to move your drapes when traveling around. 

What are stall drapes for? 

There are many reasons to invest in quality stall drapes for your stable, particularly at horse shows. They create an image of professionalism and sophistication, which is always helpful when you’re trying to make a good impression at an event. Many companies offer custom stall drapes that are embroidered with your stable’s name or logo for even more style. Stall drapes also give you some privacy while grooming or tacking your horses. They can even help keep your horses calm in overwhelming situations, because this added privacy separates them from everything else that’s going on. 

There are many different ways to hang horse stall drapes, and it’s a fairly easy project to take on yourself. When purchasing your drapes, you can always ask the expects which hanging method will work best for you, depending on how your barn is set up and what materials you are using.