Customer Reviews for Phoenix West Tack Trunks are from Independent Sources

Customer Reviews for Phoenix West Tack Trunks are from Independent Sources

Our  reputable manufacturer and top brank, Phoenix West has been well known for over forty years. Phoenix West sells some of the best and highest quality selection of different tack boxes, tack trunks, stall drapes, stall guards, and much more.

Their tack boxes in particular are known for their many excellent customer reviews due to their durability and the ability to transform the look of older looking trunks into much newer ones. In fact, the relationship Phoenix West has with their customers goes hand in hand with discussing the specific design of the trunks, with the staff happy and more than willing to coordinate different types of looks and designs of all different varieties to result in the trunk to have a look that many would consider award winning.

All of the standard trunks crafted at Phoenix West contain all of the following: spring load handles, a hydraulic lid that stays, as well as a removable tote. The tack trunks specifically include several different options to be included when making the trunk, to make it even more personal for the customer with special different details that they are able to choose on their own. The different types of features available for inclusion when crafting the one of a kind tack trunks include a few different amenities than the regular standard trunks. Customers often choose the tack trunks to celebrate different events on the go, as they are portable and have the choice of including the following: either a sealed bottom or a show tote, a bandage lid, a bit box with an added vinyl top, choice of including a whiteboard insert made of cork with a mirror, cedar or felt lining, a bandage lid, and rolling coasters.

Each trunk made at Phoenix West trunks are made of the highest quality of birch wood hardwood, and either a walnut or cherry finish. All of the craftsmen and artists at Phoenix West have gone through extensive training and have years of experience in the field. All the trunks made are extremely durable and sturdy, built with the intention of having a possible twenty or more year life span when taken care of properly. Made with the final step being topped off with three coats of marine grade finish, you can expect the highest quality available. Customers also have the option to add their choice of either Brass or Chrome hardware molding.

The reviews online specifically for the Phoenix West Tack trunks are excellent to say the least, with each review being rated five out of five stars. Kevin Eldridge who reviewed the tack trunks on January 23rd posted the following, “Excellent service. I purchased a wood tack trunk for my daughter and she is extremely proud of it at the barn.” Another review on Facebook coming from Kristin VanDeventer Parker who reviewed the same type of trunk on November 1st received two likes from others on the review saying and describing the trunks, “Beautiful, custom made tack trunks for beginners and expert riders!” Finally, another positive review posted on Facebook regarding the tack trunks came from Jenny Cook, who reviewed on June 18th and also has two likes from others stating, “Great service.” 
Whether you are looking for wood tack trunks, tack boxes, tack trunks, or cheap tack trunks, Phoenix West is the place to go.

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Interested in aquiring customizable horse show equipment? provides top-rated horse show equipment and supplies tailored specifically to English-style competitions. Working with Phoenix West, a market-leading horse trunk manufacturer for over 50 years, we help show barns coordinate an award-winning look with stylish and practical tack trunks for horses.

In addition, we are experts in designing and making stall drapes, awning tents, show bannersdirector chairs and custom horse blankets that will coordinate nicely with your tack boxes.

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