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Cover for Tack Boxes, Tack Trunks, Saddle Trunks & More

For most people who have horses, a tack trunk holds all the essential equipment for their horses. Tack trunk covers are offered to cover that important tack trunk to protect it from the elements as well as make it look professional and nice. We have a wonderful selection of tack trunk covers. They offer them in two designs, standard or fancy.

The standard option is custom made from the measurements the customer takes. There is a guide to help the customer to accurately measure their trunk. The standard variety is offered in a variety of standard colors such as kelly, hot pink, grey or burgundy. There are a total of 22 standard colors to choose from on the site when designing your standard trunk cover. The standard covers basic trunks with embroidered covers in an either nylon or cordura material. The prices are very affordable and come with a quilted padded top for no extra charge.

The fancy option is for show style trunks. They are made with sunbrella fabrics, which are guaranteed not to fade and are very durable. This fabric even comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty against fading. It is a marine canvas and of high quality. Sunbrella fabrics also come in about 60 colors to choose from when designing a fancy trunk cover. Another thing to keep in mind when ordering a fancy cover is that this site offers awnings and stall drapes to match your trunk cover. It makes for a very stylish and color coordinated place for your horse to live. A fancy cover with your barn’s logo will make your horses stand out when competing in a show. It will be obvious how much you care about your animals. The fancy covers are a little more expensive than the standard option, but still affordable.
Not only are these covers beautiful, this site has made custom ordering a breeze. Customers can order online following step by step instructions or, if they feel more comfortable, they can place their orders over the phone.

This company makes it very easy to order exactly what you want without difficulty. The fancy option also includes a quilted top but also includes moisture block, which will keep items free of rot from rain or mud. Piping can be selected for either option and can be purchased very inexpensively and from a large selection of colors. Embroidery as well as trim colors are also offered for both options. A variety of scripts and fonts are available to ensure customers get to choose exactly what they want instead of settling for something they kind of like due to limited options. never wants their customer to settle and that is why they offer so many options for the products that they offer.

The site even offers custom built covers. Very specific measuring instructions are available on the website. If customers follow these instructions, they can design a cover to fit any trunk no matter its size. After the measurements are determined, they are given the option to choose a embroidery style as well as a font for their custom cover. Again, they have many colors to choose from so they can pretty much design something that no one else will ever have. With great durability and a beautiful professional appearance, any tack trunk cover that you purchase will make your horses look cared for and fancy.

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