Why We Use Sunbrella Fabrics

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When you want a horse show stall curtain that provides the perfect atmosphere, look no further than Sunbrella drapes. Available in a wide array of vibrant colors, Sunbrella drapes allow you to create the space you desire to show off your pride and joy. In fact, Sunbrella drapes provide a wide array of benefits that will set you apart from the competition.

Provide Shade
One of the main benefits of Sunbrella drapes is that it provides shade, and keep dirt sunlight off the expensive gear and leather. Furthermore, the drapes create a shelter to protect against rain and wind, while providing some noise reduction so you can have a bit of peace and quiet during the busy competition.

Provides a Backdrop
A stunning backdrop provided by Sunbrella drapes gives you a way to attractively display your barn name banner, ribbons or any other items you want to show off. It is what ties the whole stall together.

Provide Privacy
Another benefit of Sunbrella drapes is that it gives you some much-needed privacy where you can store your gear. Even during a busy day, you can tuck away in the show stall to compose yourself and get ready for the next event without the public eye staring at you.

Material: Our drapes are made from Sunbrella Marine canvas. This fabric is not only durable but fade resistant as well, with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against fading and just about stain proof with proper care.  Stall drapes come in sizes ranging from 6′ to 17′ wide or custom sizes are available upon request.  Sunbrella Valances Velcro© on and off drapes for a smooth wrinkle-free look.
FREE SUNBRELLA FABRIC SAMPLES: Upon request, we are happy to send you Sunbrella fabric swatches of our color selection.  Just call or email us to request your mailing address.
PANTONE COLORSDo Not See the Color You Want? For vinyl products such as stall guards, tack boxes, etc, we can apply just about any color you want if you know the Pantone color. We typically refer our customers to the Pantone finder website or to go to Home Depot to find the Pantone color of choice. For a nominal fee, we can take the Pantone color and create a visual mockup of the stall guard or tack box using the special color you want. Note that it is hard to match tack trunk covers, stall drapes, and the like using Pantone colors.

Sunbrella Fabric Care

Light Cleaning:

Brush off loose dirt.

• Hose down.

• Prepare a cleaning solution of water and mild soap such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid.

• Use a soft bristle brush to clean.

• Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.

• Rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is removed.

• Air dry.

• May not require re-treatment depending on the age of the fabric.

Heavy Cleaning for Stubborn Stains And Mildew:

Sunbrella fabrics do not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric. To clean stubborn stains:

• Prepare a solution of 1 cup bleach and 1/4 cup of mild soap per gallon of clean water.

• Soak the affected area in the solution for 15 minutes.

• Blot stain with a sponge or clean towel.

(Note: This step should be avoided when cleaning the coated side (backside) of Sunbrella SeaMark, Plus, Supreme, or Clarity.)

• Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.

Retreating Sunbrella Fabrics:

Sunbrella fabrics are treated with proprietary water and stain repellent finish that is designed to last for several years but may require replenishing after a thorough cleaning. Glen Raven® recommends 303® Fabric Guard™, available in the United States, and Tex’Aktiv, available internationally.

Applying retreatment:

• Clean Sunbrella fabric, using one of the cleaning methods.

• Allow Sunbrella to completely air dry.

• Apply retreatment in a well-ventilated area following instructions on the container.

• Air dry.

Helpful Hints

Protect the area around the Sunbrella fabric when using a bleach solution – bleach may discolor non Sunbrella fabrics. Always rinse Sunbrella thoroughly to completely remove bleach. Please be aware of the environment when cleaning with bleach. Bleach can have harmful effects on the natural environment around you. We do not advise using bleach if you are surrounded by a body of water or another environment that could be affected. Sunbrella should only be allowed to air dry. Use of bleach and/or advanced age of the fabric application may impact the deterioration of the sewing thread and other non-Sunbrella components.

Disclaimer: We have made an effort to provide fabric images that closely represent the fabric colors. However, due to all the possible variants such as light source, monitor quality, etc., we can not guarantee that the fabric images accurately represent the true fabric colors. Please take this into consideration if you are trying to color match materials.