Explore our Standard Vinyl Colors for selection that we use to make vinyl products for stall guards, tack boxes, tack trunks and more. If you’re looking for standard vinyl colors for stall guards, tack boxes, tack trunks, and other pieces, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve built a large selection of standard colors to ensure you’re getting what you envisioned. From yellow and hunter green to hot pink and orange, we cover the entire spectrum for you.

A tack trunk says a lot about a horse owner. It symbolizes an owner’s personality; their attitude toward horses. Not every horse owner is the same. Some horse owners are equestrians who see their horses as majestic beings capable of representing the highest form of sophistication and art. Some horse owners are horse racers who see their horses as rugged, athletic competitors ready to take on all comers. Other horse owners are casual about their horses; they enjoy riding them on a beautiful summer day and see them as pets and members of the family. Horse owners are a diverse bunch.  Because of the wide variety of horse owners, it’s necessary to accommodate them with many different styles of accessories. We want to ensure that each owner’s identity is represented through his or her gear.

One of our key goals is to to personalize our products to our customers’ desires as much as possible. Because of this, we offer our vinyl trunks in a bevy of standard colors. These colors include red, white, yellow, purple, orange, navy, kelly, hunter green, grey, gold, cream, burgundy, blue, black, beige, brown, hot pink, forest green, pink, light grey, and turquoise. What color best represents you? The choice is yours.
Standard Colors

Finding the right horse logo image is easier said than done with colors that sets the branding for your barn. At Tack Trunks, we go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need readily available during your creation process. From horse logos and stock horse logo images to sunbrella colors and monogramming services, we’re your one-stop horse logo shop. No matter what your style or color preference is, our teams are committed to bringing your visions to life. We have countless years of experience in the industry, and we know what it takes to see your project through to completion without a hitch. As a bonus, our extensive inventory is stocked full of high-quality products and services at a rate you can afford. Take a look around to discover what we can do for you.