Time to Celebrate with our Beverage Valet

Although serving drinks isn’t a necessity, it’s a common and expected practice, and the horse show beverage valet will enable you to serve professional drinks from a sophisticated bar while still in the comfort zone of your own rig. If you’re hiring a drink expert to mix drinks for your party or your guests, he or she will be able to work more efficiently when using the organized beverage valet and it will be a unique addition to your rig. If you have someone pass snacks and hors d’oeuvres, he or she will be easily able to keep the tray filled when using the convenience of the horse show valet.

In addition to storing beverages and food items, the beverage valet stores your glassware and serving utensils, including a blender, and also boasts a refrigerated compartment. The beverage valet even comes with its own full bar set so that you can make professional-quality drinks for your guests. A cool drink will help your visitors to relax, and the efficiency and sophistication of the horse show beverage valet will impress them. Before your next derby or horse show, be sure to get your own horse show beverage valet.

Although it may seem like just one more thing you have to tote along to the horse show, the valet will be one of the most valuable tools you’ll have. It will simplify entertaining guests and potential associates and will show that you are able to provide the best for them as well as for your horses.