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Design your own custom vinyl tack trunk online today! Discover a huge range of quality Vinyl Tack Trunks & Boxes at the best prices.

Vinyl Tack Trunks and Accessories

Design your own custom vinyl tack trunk online today! You can add your own artwork, barn name or use our standard stock art to decorate a vinyl tack trunk.

There’s no better way to get organized than with one of our vinyl tack trunks to store all of your tack accessories. Our beautiful collection of vinyl tack boxes come from the craftsmen of Phoenix West, who are producers of sturdy, reliable stable supplies.

Vinyl tack trunks have a large array of uses, and they are especially handy to have on a pace track. Their portability and easy-to-maneuver design make them a must-have item for any serious horse owner. We offer our trunks in several sizes, so you are sure to find a vinyl tack box that fits your needs.

We also offer our services at our vinyl tack trunk repair center, if you are interested in refurbishing your existing inventory of vinyl tack trunks. We repair both small as well as large damages to your vinyl, offering you any type of service that you need.

The standard vinyl trunks include two colors (body color and border color) on each vinyl surface. Chrome-trimmed trunks are equipped with a stainless steel top, while brass-trimmed trunks have vinyl tops. They also feature a lovely finished birch interior, along with a sliding tray and a tote box. The bumper is made of birch wood, and it can be stained if you desire a more natural wood look, or painted to match the vinyl colors. You also have the option to personalize your trunk with our extensive collection of stock art logos. Our stock art logos are perfect for adding a personal touch to your tack trunk or we can make a custom horse or barn logo for you.

Custom options include vinyl piping for the borders and artwork, or for a more coordinated appearance you can mix and match your tack boxes with Sunbrella colors, giving your tack box a cheerful and unique look. With all of the extras that come with our services, we are sure that you will find the right one for your requirements. We offer only the best quality of vinyl and stainless steel tack boxes and trunks. With our repair services, you are always guaranteed to get the job done fast.

If you are into art, this is a great opportunity for you to design your own tack trunk. Mainly, the tack trunk has 2 colors that consist of a primary color and a border color. While the tack trunk keeps you well-organized, this beautiful artwork can become a family heirloom. To top it off, this vinyl tack trunk is dedicated to those horseback riding accessories. The trunk is made with birch wood. If requested, the truck can be stained and chromed with the trimmings that will make it stand out.

When personalizing the trunk, you can add initials, pictures, names, and logos. Most clients find it amazing that their brand new purchase can match their barn, truck, house, or horseback riding attire. With hundreds of pictures and colors to choose from, our customers are enthusiastic.

The stainless steel monograms are available and give customers another reason to gravitate to purchasing this artistic work. A case and point, if you want to market your barn or horse breeding business, your tack trunk can have your business website on it to promote it to anyone who passes by it. The trunk can easily be moved from location to location.

For a deluxe fancy top notch box, get a vinyl wardrobe box. You can add any accessory you want inside it. This box has a deluxe logo.

Tack Boxes

As a customer, you can request Sunbrella colors to give your tack box a glow. If in the event you would like to add colors and features to your box in the future, you can by putting in your requests. For those customers who would like to purchase more than one trunk, you can specialize several trunks for a family of horseback riders. Each trunk can have your family name on it.

Accessories for tack boxes include cover; stand, cork mirror insert, vinyl top, bandage insert, interior stain and more. Accessories are listed on the pages for the box you want to order.

Options for your trunk. We have many options to consider from standard to using sunbrella colors. We recommend using sunbrella colors when you want a uniform look with stall drapes. Another option to think about is tack box covers. Do you want the covers to match the vinyl design? If yes, we can do that too. For example, we can match a 3 letter monogram on the trunk to the same design on the cover. We highly recommend the option of a cover to protect it against the elements of the weather being outside in or outside the barn.

Some wonder the tradeoff of fixing an old tack trunk or getting a new tack trunk. To answer this debate, you need to get a quote for the new trunk and the old trunk with replacement vinyls.

What supplies go inside a tack box? Brushes, hoof pick, mane comb, wraps and whatever else you need to add inside it.

Adding additional products to your show barn attire can include stall guards and a mounting block are popular.

For the deluxe look, add piping to the border and cedar inside the box is fancy.

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We quote shipping for each order as rates vary mostly during the seasons. At times, we can offer a shipping discount per trunk if you order more than 1 trunk. Call or email us for a shipping quote. See this note on each box as our shipping notice to you.