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Small Trunk is beneficial for keeping grooming tools, supplies, and other small tack equipment protected and secured buy quality Small Tack Trunks online.

Small Tack Trunks

Our tack trunk cover.  Adding Chrome or Brass hardware molding completes an award-winning look to showcase your barn.  You can also outfit them in our vinyl line too.

Small Trunk Length 32″, Width 18″, Height 18″

These tack trunks are beneficial for keeping grooming tools, supplies, and other small tack equipment protected and secured. Our small tack trunks are durable and built to last over twenty years when combined with a tack trunk cover.

There are few things more elegant than a horse barn where everything is properly stowed when not in use. If you add chrome or brass hardware to one of our small tack trunks, the result is a showpiece that is not only practical but aesthetically appealing. Visitors to your barn will immediately recognize the care and concern you have for your horses’ welfare. These tack trunks can also be outfitted in our vinyl line.

There are many benefits to stowing your tack and grooming supplies in a small tack trunk. You will be able to locate the items you require without spending valuable time searching for the–time that could be spent enjoying your passion. Tack is protected from the elements in a trunk, saving you money on replacements. It is also much safer to store your tack in a trunk and can deter others from “borrowing” items without your knowledge or permission. This last is especially useful if you stable somewhere other than your own barn.

The care of horses is a lifestyle that encompasses many aspects. When you purchase one of our small tack trunks you can select one of several models that fits your own unique personality. We have multiple styles and price ranges to offer. The dimensions of these small tack trunks are 32″ long by 18″ wide by 18″ high. They take up a minimal amount of space in your barn or tack room proper. We have unfinished varieties as well as vinyl models that can be personalized with your initials.

All of the above tack trunk varieties are available in wood or vinyl construction. These high-quality utility trunks are designed and built by experienced craftsmen who have been doing this for years. The trunks are composed of superior birch hardwood before being coated with your choice of cherry or walnut finishes. Those finishes are then protected with three coats of marine grade finish for a shine and protective vinyl that will last for years.

The prime consideration in a small tack trunk is durability. Every item in your barn needs to be capable of withstanding wear and tear, and we design all of our trunks to withstand years of responsible use. If you take care of them well, each trunk can serve you for many years. It would not be unlikely for your equestrian friends to ask you where you found yours so that they can order one of their own. We want our products to be a source of pride and your reason for returning to us time and time again as you require necessities for efficiently stowing your tack.