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Horse Show Banners

You know how thrilling and stressful it is to show horses, especially before the event starts. There’s a lot of details that need planning and executing to take care of everything up until you actually enter the arena. You spend a lot of time preparing your horse by grooming, proper feeding, attention to mane and tail, current medical treatment, bathing, clipping stray hair, whitening, braiding, and packing for the show.

These activities all take time, attention, and effort. They represent a lot of hard work aside from the actual riding and work with the horse. You take pride in all the time and effort invested in showing your horse’s talents and your skills, and you want everything to look perfect when you go to show.

Your banner helps you show your pride, calls attention to your horse and your reputation and helps associate your show reputation with audiences and judges. Pick the color or colors that best show off your horse and your skills. Choose the embroidery for the lettering that you want. Add a logo or special artwork that tells your unique story and helps people get to know what your equestrian interests are.

personalized show banner is the perfect finishing touch to cap all your hard work and display all your pride in your horse and your showmanship. It’s a link between your emotional and time investment and interests and your physical presence at the show. It’s an important visual that lets people know your level of commitment to the sport. You are serious about your dedication, participating in the competition, and putting on a good show that people will enjoy while demonstrating your riding talent and your love of horses.

That’s what a horse banner does for you and your home-away-from-home when you’re competing.

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1) Select your Banner Type: 90×17 to hang on a post or a valance or a named valance or a single layer banner (no backing to hide the embroidery)

Name Banners – Standard Size is 90 inches Width x 17 inches Height that includes 2 pockets on back, trim, overlay or underlay in borders. Velcro attachment is optional.

2) Select your Lettering and/or Logo. We offer the below standard fonts for embroidery on our horse show banners or you can send us a custom font to use.

Baskerville, Times Roman, Garamond, Trajan Pro, Arial, Myriad Pro, Commercial Script, Edwardian Script, Snell Roundhand

3) OPTIONAL: Select your Post Base: Banner Post Stands – Each Post set includes metal post bases and nylon padded shipping bags.

4) Learn more about pricing and options.

5) Logo work must be quoted separately. We will help you create your logo design and artwork if you do not have a logo handy.

6) Purchase includes mockup artwork of your banner for customer approval. The mockup is visual like the one shown. If you want to make changes to the banner using the mockup, we will gladly work with you until you have happy with the mockup before we stitch.