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Discover high-quality saddle trunks made from birch wood with vinyl exterior or trimmed in brass or chrome for a very affordable price. Buy Now!

Saddle Trunks

Saddle Trunks, Portable Saddle Trunks 

Our saddle trunks are made out of birch wood with a vinyl exterior or trimmed in brass or chrome.  This upright saddle trunk measures 24in x 25in x 45in (WDH) provides enough space to keep your smaller tack items organized.  For more additional storage needs, we can build more space at an additional charge to suit your needs.

We apply several layers of a clear finish to protect the wood and keep the trunk looking fresh. Hardware and trim options are Brass or Chrome. Can add a cork and mirror insert.

The vertical saddle trunks are available in several color options for the vinyl and the vinyl bordering. Various styles are available to create the lettering and we can also place your logo or emblem on the vinyl for a completely custom look. Chrome and brass trim and hardware are available also. The ‘bumper’ can also be stained or painted to match a variety of colors, or it can be stainless steel to match the stainless steel top option.

Your saddles must be stored correctly when they are taken off your horses. The horses are more comfortable when they wear a proper saddle, and saddles that have lost their shape are not good for your horses. You can use an upright saddle trunk to protect this very expensive investment.

Our portable tack boxes allow you to drop the saddle into the trunk from the top by opening the lid. This is a very fast way of putting the saddle away, and it is a safe way to store the saddle. You can use these saddle trunks differently if you want to open the front panel. The front panel will swing open, and you can place the saddle on the mold with ease.

Your saddle trunk should be made of solid wood so that it can stand up to wear and tear. The saddle trunk can be stamped with the logo of your stable, or you can have the name of the horse marked on the trunk. These trunks can be locked when you the saddles are not in use, and the saddles can breathe after they come off the horse.

Your purchase of a vertical saddle trunk will allow you to take care of your saddles when the horses are done riding. Saddles are the most important part of riding for the horse and rider, and you can take very good care of your saddles with an upright saddle trunk. Purchase one that locks, that is monogrammed beautifully and that makes the interior of your barn look absolutely perfect.

Not sure about you, but with our verticle saddle trunks, your show attire is kept clean on the show grounds and between classes.

Different types of saddles are necessary for different aspects of the horse riding experience, from general purpose to dressage. Whether you have an upright saddle, another type, or a combination, storing your saddles is an important part of both keeping them safe and displaying them. Along with a tack trunk or trunk valet, a saddle trunk is an excellent method of both protecting an upright saddle and other expensive items while keeping your barn clean and free of clutter. Upright saddles and upright saddle trunks can be embellished with your logo or other design of choice to complement the rest of your horse-related collection.

If you’re a horse enthusiast, you already know about the importance of different saddle types ranging from general trail riding to dressage. A horse tack trunk plays a vital role in both storage and display. Stable supplies that both protect your tack and reduce clutter make your stable a more orderly place.

Wood trunks place a major role in properly storing your saddles when unused. Stall supplies that help maintain a saddle’s shape make a difference, ensuring both you and your horse stay comfortable on every ride. Storage trunk options for saddles will help you maintain its shape and leather quality, ensuring that you continue to get a lot of use from your tack.

Portable tack options are essential for show horses, especially horses used in dressage events. A tack trunk with padded material helps offer greater protection and preserve your saddle’s shape to keep horse and rider comfortable and minimize the chance of damage. A trunk box is also helpful for storing riding attire in between rides, riding classes or shows so that everything always looks fresh-off-the-rack perfect.

Our wooden tack trunks are ideal for both Western saddles and other types, with birch wood construction, vinyl exteriors, and brass or chrome trim. Saddle trunks with 24 x 25 x 45in have more than enough space to store smaller horse care items as well as the tack, so you know where everything is at all times. Should your storage needs exceed this size, we can make a bigger trunk to suit your horse care needs.

Our wooden tack trunks include the application of several clear varnish layers for greater wood protection and a fresher appearance. A mirror insert is also available as an option when ordering that you will find helpful for use in storing riding attire. You can also select a tack trunk with wheels option to provide even greater flexibility and make the trunk easier to transport.

Several color choices are available, so you’ll know your stable supplies are well-protected in a trunk that looks great in all settings while making what you need accessible. You can choose from several distinct lettering styles as well as an emblem or logo that matches what is in your stable blankets perfectly. The customization also extends to the bumper, which you can have match the rest of your trunk’s color theme or have made from stainless steel to better match trim options that include stainless steel.