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Horse Saddle Racks

A horse saddle rack is both a necessary piece of equipment for a responsible horse owner to possess and a unique decorative item that can compliment any design style. Saddles racks can be made of unfinished wood for those wanting a rustic, classical barnyard look, or they are available in finished walnut or deep cherry, for those looking for a more polished appearance. They can even be painted or embellished to perfectly fit in with your chosen decor.

We offer a variety of saddle racks, including 2 place, 3 place, and 4 place saddle racks, allowing you to choose the perfect saddle rack for your particular needs. They are finished with either brass or chrome trimming, according to your preference. These saddle racks are perfect for use anywhere, from a horse stable to the race tracks or even in your home as a unique decorative piece.

Most importantly, our saddle racks are built to last, made from the best wood available in order to give you a sturdy, ready-to-use piece of equipment. If you want your saddles to be kept free from debris or an accidental trampling, it’s best to invest in a well-built, reliable horse saddle rack.

Saddle racks are essential additions to your barn or stable. You need to have a saddle rack to store the precious and expensive saddles you use for the horses, and you can store them in a variety of different ways. A mounted saddle rack can be used to create a stacking system for the saddles, or you can have custom horse saddle racks made just to fit your barn.

You only have so much room in your stable or barn, and you can get custom horse saddle racks to fit the walls in the room. The mounted (on wood) saddle rack easily stacks all the saddles you have in the room, or you can use one mount for the saddle that matches your house. You can put a saddle rack in every stall with the horses, or you can use a central saddle rack for the sake of organization.

Your horses and workers will benefit from the racks that you put in the barn, and you should measure the barn to find the right place to fit it in. Your horses will be more comfortable when your saddles are stored properly, and the saddles themselves will maintain their shape better when sitting on the rack.

Our wood saddle rack has the unique ability to be both decorative and useful, whether used in your home, in a stable, or at a race track. Storing saddles on wooden saddle racks is an easy way to keep them safe and show them off at the same time. Wooden saddle racks are sturdy and made of high-quality wood that can come unfinished or finished. Saddle racks can be decorated to match your tack trunk or other horse-related items to ensure a complementary set.

We have a variety of saddle racks available to fit your barn and stable style and purpose. If you own horses, you can appreciate the importance of providing only the best tack for your beloved equines. Once you have acquired tack befitting of your equestrian purposes, you will want only the best proper tack storage. Tack Trunks has everything you need to equip your barn or stable. We also have travel trunks for those equestrians who are on the road with their half-ton sidekicks. We can outfit compact equestrian establishments as well as large stables.

Although our metal saddle stands are also very popular, many people prefer the traditional wooden saddle stand instead of a chrome, vinyl, or brass saddle rack. Available are single wooden saddle stands, stacked wooden saddle stands, and wall-mounted saddle racks.

Our wooden saddle stands are available in these styles:

  • Wall mount wooden;
  • Wooden saddle stand (floor);
  • Wooden saddle stand (stacked).

All of the above racks will safely and securely store and preserve your saddles, regardless of whether they are English, Dressage, Western, Australian, or simply saddle pads. The racks also allow for ventilation for your saddle pads of all styles, so once you have finished your ride or the show, you can rest assured that your horse’s hard-earned sweat will not soil or mold your saddle pad.

Although your purpose is practicality, it will literally be impossible for others who visit your facility to not be impressed with your level of organization in your barn or stable! You will love all the benefits of owning our saddle racks! Furthermore, it is much easier to keep up with your tack inventory when all you have to do is step into your facility and make a simple and quick visual inventory check to make sure everything is present and accounted for.

The humans are not the only ones appreciative of our products! Your horse(s) will be more comfortable when your saddles are stored properly, as this obviously maintains the shape and fit of each and every saddle. Our wooden saddle racks are very sturdy and are made of high-quality wood available either finished or unfinished in various wood finishes such as cherry or walnut. Better yet, these saddle racks can be decorated to match your tack trunk or other horse-related items! Whether static or transient, your tack, your storage/display, and your own persona can become one classy, blended unit.

These wooden saddle racks have a two-fold ability to be both decorative and useful, regardless of their physical placement. For example, they have an aesthetic beauty that is befitting of an inside-the-home or inside-the-office placement of your saddles as well as befitting of your stable, barn or race track. Think about the fact that storing saddles on wooden saddle racks is an easy way to not only keep them safe but also to show them off at the same time.