We are taking longer to process orders for C19 safety & supply chain logistics. Tack Boxes are running 10 to 14 weeks. Non-vinyl products are running for about 10 weeks.

We Refurbish and Repair Tack Trunks. Brands such as Warners, Phoenix West and Oakcroft. A great way to make your worn tack trunk look new again!

Tack Trunk Replacement Vinyl

Do you have an old, beaten-down vinyl tack trunk? Good news—we offer vinyl tack trunk repair for Phoenix West, Warner, and most brands too! We can refurbish any tack trunk or tack box you have, simply give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. We can even take a wood tack trunk and convert it to a vinyl tack trunk. Learn more about customer self-application to affix replacement vinyl onto tack boxes, it easy and simple to do.

As with any piece of equipment that sees a lot of use, there will come a day when your vinyl tack trunk is in need of repair. While you can always forgo repairing it and just buy a new tack trunk or box, it makes far more financial sense to repair your existing tack trunk. Our vinyl tack trunks repair offers you the services needed in order to refurbish your existing tack trunk, giving you a great option for saving money while still making your old trunk look new. We have some trunks out there looking new that are 25 years old

Perhaps you are relocating to a new barn and you want your trunk to match the colors or themes without having to buy a new trunk. Well, you have come to the right place as we frequently re-vinyl old trunks for new barn colors or themes. We offer easy customer self-application to replace the vinyls.

Monogramming: We offer monogramming, stock artwork, or your custom image ready artwork,  vinyl color selections, etc with re-vinyl ing your trunk.  We can even match our trunk covers to your vinyl trunk design theme and colors.

Custom Trunks: We can re-vinyl trunks for most name brand trunks in our standard sizes, except for trunks that have a bandage lid. We do charge an additional fee to re-vinyl trunks that are not custom made.

Application: Our Tack trunk vinyls come with molding so you can self-apply the replacement vinyls yourself. This saves on shipping costs as you do not need to send us your vinyl tack trunk to affix the new vinyls onto your tack trunk.

Vinyl Top: You will have to buy a new vinyl top or stainless steel top to replace your existing top. No special tools are needed to affix the top to your existing trunk.

PAINT: To refresh the paint on your Warner or Phoenix West Trunk, we suggest you purchase some paint or walnut or cherry stain.

Logos / Artwork: Below is a mockup that we do for customers upon request for a nominal fee so one can look at the artwork before we make you new vinyls. Learn more about horse logos. Learn more about our logo and artwork services.


Please measure your tack trunk using the below guide so we can discuss options to repair or re-vinyl tack trunk for customer application.

Note that our standard “large” trunk size is (Length 38 1/2″, Width, 23 3/4″, Height 22 1/4). If your trunk does not fit our standard large size, we can custom make vinyl’s with your monogramming or logo’s an additional 30% charge.

NOTE: Below is standard Phoenix West or Warner Trunk Sizes. We can do custom size too but would need to see the trunk before we can commit to making the replacement vinyls.

Small Trunk
Small Front Panel (32″L x 18″H)
Small Side Panel (18″D x 18″H)
Small Top (32″L x 18″D)
Medium Trunk
Medium Front Panel (34″L x19.5″H)
Medium Side Panel (20.75″D x 19.5″H)
Medium Top (34″L x 20.75″D)
Large Trunk
Large Front Panel (38.5″L x 22.25″H,)
Large Side Panels (23.75″D x 22.25″H,)
Large Top (38.5″L x 23.75″D)

How to Measure a Custom Size or Confirm the Size of your Trunk?

Measure in between the bumpers and from end to end. The plastic sits under the trim so you would want to measure the trim.