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This planter box and sitting bench is both decorative and useful. It is perfect to give you a place to sit in style when you are at horse shows or even near your stables.

Planter Boxes and Benches

If you’re looking for a unique decorative item that’s both useful and appealing, you can’t do better than our custom made, one of a kind horse bench and plant stand. Measuring 13 by 47 inches, these benches are carved out of sturdy, durable wood, giving you a comfortable place to sit that’s sure to stand the test of time. The bench is held in place by the two planters, which gives it extra stability and making it safe for nearly anyone to sit on. It would be the perfect decorative piece for any barn or stable.

The planters are what make this bench truly exceptional. Every bench has two planters attached to it, one on each side, and these planters are the perfect way to compliment your individual decor. Plant a leafy green shrub for a timeless look, or go for gold with a smattering of marigolds. Use our planter stand and bench for horse shows, and you’re sure to make a real statement.

We offer several design options for these bench and plant stands. You can choose chrome trim for each planter, or a brass trim if that’s your preference. We also offer vinyl planter boxes, which can also be trimmed in either chrome or brass. We recommend using the vinyl planter boxes for horse shows; they’re a terrific visual piece.

As an added bonus, you can have your planter boxes embellished with your particular logo (for an example, see the image below). This allows you to perfectly match our plant stands with whatever decor you already have, and if you have your logo on your horse’s stall plate or bridle tags, this bench and planter will fit in seamlessly.

Planter boxes allow you to display some of the most beautiful plants at each show. You want to have something that is going to make your stable look its best, and the planter box will help everyone to see how seriously you take your appearance. These boxes are the most beautiful display that you put out at the show.

These planter boxes are lovely displays that you can keep with your trailer, or you can use these boxes when you are setting up your booth at the horse show. Purchase a planter box that carries the seal of your ranch, the names of your horses or the name of your ranch. You can create a beautiful impression for all the people that visit you at the show, and you will have a gorgeous planter to keep at home when you get back from the show.

Our custom made, unique horse bench and plant stand is an exceptional addition to your barn or stable. Both utilitarian and visually pleasing, our benches are carved from durable wood, providing a sturdy comfortable place to sit that will last for years to come. The bench is further steadied by two planters, creating stability as well as decoration. Adorn your horse boxes with leafy shrubs or marigolds to make a statement at horse shows.

For horse shows, we highly recommend using vinyl planter boxes, since they are instant crowd pleasers. Select from chrome or brass trim for your planter. Not only do planter boxes catch the attention of an audience and improve the presentation of your display, but they can also advertise your logo.

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Consider some live topiary plants for your planter boxes. Most of these live topiaries ship within a week and can be delivered to the horse show!