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Horse Mounting Blocks

Why Your Barn Needs a Horse Mounting Block

A mounting block is a necessity for every horse owner. Not only do mounting blocks help you climb onto your horse or cart, but they are a multipurpose tool allowing you to reach items stored on high shelves that might otherwise prove difficult to retrieve. In addition, you can slide mounting blocks around while taking care of your horse to make grooming a simple and easy task.

We offer a variety of mounting blocks that come in many different shades. In this way, our mounting blocks are not only functional but eye-catching as well. Mounting blocks are visually appealing and help clear barn clutter, resulting in maximum barn cleanliness.

Aside from providing a boost, a horse mounting block can serve as highly utilitarian storage compartments. Select from two or three step mounting blocks that contain customized openings ideal for storage. Tools required for cleaning horses or doing stable chores, including sprays, brushes, and any other imaginable supplies on the smaller end of the spectrum, can all be stored in small trap doors located on the mounting blocks.

In two or three step mounting blocks, the top step is a lid concealing an internal storage compartment ideal for cleaners and grooming items. To keep your items safe from potential snoopers and give you peace of mind, all two and three step mounting blocks have the option to come with a padlock. If you have a lot of tacks, you can store the extra grooming items in a box.

For those who are moderately tall, a two-step mounting block will likely be the best options. Individuals who are short will likely fare better with a three step mounting block. Our two and three step vinyl mounting blocks come with slip-resistant steps to prevent unexpected falls and injuries. Sometimes horses can be unpredictable creatures and have a solid foundation to stand on when taking care of them or handling items in the vicinity is an important safety measure.

Mounting blocks come in a variety of colors and finishes. Choose a deep cherry stain or walnut finish applicable to the interior or exterior of the block. For additional protection against the elements and visual appeal, consider adding brass or chrome trim to the mounting block of your choice. If you would prefer an unfinished wood block, we are happy to provide that as well.

A two or three step mounting block for horse grooming or other daily maintenance is a horse barn necessity. Fill out the quote form to retrieve an estimate of how much your desired mounting block will cost.

If you own a horse, a horse mounting block is one of many essential barn supplies needed for proper horse care! Contrary to popular belief, using a step ladder or similar from the ground is not sufficient enough and can make a negative impact on both you and your horse. Not only is a mounting block practical for the owner, but it can also help provide several other benefits that can aid in maintaining your horse.

First and foremost, a mounting step enables the rider to mount the horse with ease. This is the main function of a mounting box. Without a mounting box, it can be extremely tricky trying to mount your horse. Not to mention, mounting a horse without one can prove to be extremely dangerous. Trying to mount your horse from the ground is unstable, and you usually require a helping hand for this method. Without someone to spot you, free mounting is not a recommended method as it can lead to severe injuries. While this is one of the most important things to keep in mind while considering buying a mounting box, this aspect is particularly important for those who have mobility impairments as well as the elderly since they are even more at risk for injury. For some, mounting your horse with a mounting block serves only as a means of remaining presentable, but for those who want to mount a horse securely and safely, this just happens to be an added bonus.

Most mounting boxes come with even more safety features. Some of these safety features include a slip-resistant finish and slip-proof padding. This is extremely helpful because stability is a must when it comes to mounting or caring for your horse, especially in varying weather conditions. Even if the weather permits, most horses do not stand perfectly still while you attempt to mount them. This means that it is very likely that even the most experienced rider can come to harm simply from trying to mount a horse. Having a mounting box can help save yourself from these consequences.

Along with harm to the rider, an insufficient way of mounting can negatively affect your horse. A mounting box can assure that your horse doesn’t get harmed. If mounting with a mount from the ground, your horse’s spine is at risk. This is because any uneven weight that is placed on the spine will cause the other side to shift too quickly. This can cause many negative effects and damages to your horse that may prove to be irreversible, even with the proper veterinary care.

Not only our horse mounting boxes useful for mounting your horse both successfully and modestly, but they can also be used as a means of storing your other important stable supplies. This, in turn, can help with the everyday maintenance of your horse. For example, you can store items such as horse shampoo, conditioner, brushes, lead rope, and so much more. At the same time, having a mounting box will also enable you to properly care for your horse when it comes to grooming. Having these supplies handy will allow you more to care for your horse which means that your horse will lead a healthier and happier life!

While the 2 step mounting block provides an ample amount of storage, the 3 step mounting block maybe prove to be a more useful choice. Not only will it hold more barn supplies, but it is also easier for children to use. Having an extra step means that they will not have to hop or risk slipping by just trying to mount the horse. If you have a child who rides horses, then the 3 step mounting block is ideal. In comparison, the 2 step mounting block is a good decision if you happen to be a little taller. Any unnecessary steps can cause an awkward mount. In order to prevent this, it is a good idea to check the measurements before purchasing your mounting block.

Thankfully, you don’t have to trade usefulness for design taste. Mounting blocks come in a variety of colors in designs. These designs can range from being hand-painted to a nice weather-proof vinyl design. Whatever your taste, there is sure to be a mounting block that will pair perfectly with your barn décor!

If you don’t own a horse mounting block, the chances are that you are in dire need of one! Without a mounting box, it’s almost nearly impossible to mount and care for your horse properly. More importantly, a mounting box is the safest and most efficient way of mounting your horse. If you’re in doubt, you should at least give it a try because you will certainly see that the benefits outweigh those of simply mounting your horse from the ground!