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Our horse medicine chest valets are a perfect way for you to store any medications that your horses may be on. They are also great to use for storage of other small items.

Horse Medicine Chest Valets

The medicine chest valet that you place in the barn allow you to store all the medicine that you need for your horses. Every horse in the barn has different needs, and you want to ensure that these horses are cared for properly. You need to follow the veterinarian’s orders, and medicine valet allow storage in the stall with the horse. The people in the barn working with the horses must have a way of accessing the right medicine for each animal, and you need to lock up these medications when you are not using them. The safety and security of these medicines is your responsibility, and you will be able to lock them up with the medicine chest.

Your riders need to have the right medicine on-hand when they work with their horses, and they must administer the medication at the proper times. Having direct access to the medications in your barn protects the health of all the horses. You must administer all medications to every horse properly, and you can use the valet to post a medicine schedule for the horse.

The medicine valet that you choose should fit all the medications that you have for each horse. You should purchase the valet that is the right size for the bottles that you have for the horses, and you can set up the medications inside every valet so that they are easy to access.

These medicine chest valets are needed in the barn or in every stall. Your stable is a home for your horses, and this home must have all the needed supplies for your horses. The veterinarian provides proper care to your horses, but your staff must use the medicine that is right for each horse. The health of the horse depends on these valets, and you can purchase them with the name of the horse or ranch stamped on the wood.

The medicine chest valet has revolutionized the way owners can care for their horses. Since each horse has needs specific to him or her, medicine chest valets allow easy access to each horse’s medicines while minimizing the possibility of errors, contamination, or mix ups. The medicine valets are lockable, which prevents theft of the contents and/or tampering with them.

Since trainers, veterinarians, and those who work with the horses need access to the medicines, the medicine horse valet ensures that the proper medication is easily and conveniently accessible. In addition to securely and safely storing medicine, the medicine chest valet provides a space for dosing amounts, additional treatment, and schedules that are specific to the horse. Any additional instructions from the veterinarian can be noted as well so that the animal receives all the treatment he or she is supposed to receive. This ensures that the horse receives the proper amount of the proper medication at the proper time, which ensures a healthier animal and protects other horses in the barn as well.

Since some animals require more treatment and more medication than others, the size of the medicine chest valet that you purchase should be appropriate to the animal. If the horse requires a considerable amount of medications, you should purchase one of the larger models of the medicine chest valets. To ensure optimal results, be sure that all the medication and all the treatment supplies will fit comfortably within the medicine chest, allowing room for additional bottles and supplies if that should become necessary. Be sure that the drawers/shelves will accommodate the bottles that you need as well as any additional supplies, such as syringes and so forth.

Your horse’s stall  (home) is his or her home and as such, should be as healthy, as accommodating, and as inviting as possible, so that the horse feels comfortable and safe. The stall should also include items that are specific to the horse, such as medication, blankets, and so forth. Medicine horse valets can be purchased in several styles and the name of the horse or the name of the ranch can be stamped into the wood if desired.