Custom Vinyl Products are Running 10 to 14 Weeks for Construction.

Equestrian Medicine Valets

A healthy horse is a happy horse. Sometimes, maintaining your animal’s health requires the administration of medication. Other times, you simply want the security of knowing that your horse’s medications are organized and available if your horse should need them.

Equestrian medicine valets from Tack Trunks provide a stylish way to store your horse’s medications and related supplies, like syringes, tubing, or bandages. They’re also great for storing other small items, like ribbons and sewing kits. You can personalize our custom-made horse medicine chests with your choice of colors, trim, and graphics. Add your barn’s logo, your monogram, your horse’s name, or a graphic image of a jumper, dressage, or racehorse in motion.

You can count on Tack Trunks to provide beautiful, handcrafted storage, from tack trunks to horse stable medicine boxes. Shop for your equestrian medicine valets from Tack Trunks today!

  • Vinyl Medicine Chest Valet

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