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Large Wood & Vinyl Tack Trunks

Why own a large tack trunk? For its size: Length 38 1/2″, Width, 23 3/4″, Height 22 1/4″, look, storage capacity, to protect your tack and a place to call your own at the barn. Most popular items to find in a tack trunk are brushes, hoof pick and more.

Our standard large tack trunks are crafted with sliding tray, a removable tote, hydraulic lid stays and spring load handles. Options include: bandage lid, a bit interior, vinyl top added, cedar or felt lining, rubber top added, rolling casters, vinyl back added, cork/mirror -whiteboard insert,  cedar or felt lining, sealed bottom or a show tote.

We can also fix worn tired looking vinyl tack trunks too.

Our tack boxes were craftily created with a variety of amenities, including a removable tote, removable sliding trays, spring-loaded handles, and the hydraulic lid stays. There is no leather as part of this product, so you do not need to know anything about leather care in order to maintain it. However, you can keep many stall supplies, including saddle accessories, in this box. Your horse stalls will not be empty as long as you have this box. This trunk box and storage trunk is one of the best wood trunks out there. You can keep all sorts of things related to horse care in this trunk, such as saddle pads. It also comes with a tack rack for additional storage capabilities. This horse tack trunk can be home to all sorts of stable supplies and horse supplies. This wooden tack trunk is one of the best wooden tack trunks out there, and it is excellent for the purpose of box storage. In this box, you will be able to store whatever you want, whether it be riding boots, stable blankets, or something else entirely that you want with you when you are going to be competing or just riding casually on your day off from work. You and your horse can have everything you need with this wonderful storage trunk that has so many capabilities. It can provide you with both convenience and utility when you need it, which will allow you to rest assured that you have everything that you need when you are going riding. There is a variety of options that come with the boxes to make sure that you have all of the amenities you could possibly want, such as a bandage lid, either a rubber top or vinyl top, a bit interior, vinyl back, cork or mirror whiteboard insert, a lining made of felt or cedar, a show tote or sealed bottom, and rolling casters. These actually end up being very entertaining portable valets that you can use to celebrate it any horse show or at a racing derby. All you have to do is click on the picture below this description if you are interested in learning more about our tack boxes, which is just one of the many exciting and fascinating items that we have to offer for your use when you are taking your horse out for a ride or a competition.

Equestrian Tack trunks are also known under other names, such as:

  • Tack Locker;
  • Horse Tack Trunk;
  • Portable Tack Box;
  • Utility Trunk;
  • Starter Trunk;
  • Bench Box.

As aforementioned, although they may vary in style, size, color or design, tank trunks’ main function is to transport and protect your tack when you travel with your beloved horse. A few have added features, such as the capacity to double as a bench or a surface on which to place your stable supplies, stall supplies, or tack cleaning products while working with them. They are conducive to original designs and decorations and are not only practical but also visually appealing at your equestrian events.