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Our trunk hardware fits all tack trunks made by us or made by another craftsman. We carry the full line of hardware for your trunk using our trunk hardware kit.

Trunk Hardware Fittings

What Is A Trunk Hardware Kit? Why Do You Need It?

Please note that hardware orders are processed with the expectation that you will receive your order within “2 weeks for standard delivery”.  For the fastest shipping time available, please call us and we will be happy to accommodate all of your orders. 2 and 3 Day Delivery options are available for tack trunk hardware at ordering time.

Our trunk hardware fits all tack trunks made by us or made by another craftsman. Our lid supports are awesome as the hold the lid weight in place without much pressure on the person opening and closing the lid:)

If you are unsure of what items you need, please send us a picture of your tack trunks and we will be glad to help you identify the parts you need.

We carry the full line of hardware for your trunk using our trunk hardware kit.

|   Pair of handles   |  Hasp    |  Hangers    |   Lock      |   Hasp     |   Piano hinges

For your larger orders or orders coming from overseas, it is suggested that you contact us for our best shipping quote. The best way to reach us for a shipping quote is via email to let us know what you are ordering along with your shipping zip code.

While they may seem like small and very unimportant details in your stable, hardware fittings actually have a huge impact on your entire decor. Some hardware fittings give off an old-style country western vibe, while others have a more classic, polished look. Regardless of the style that you like most, we certainly offer a perfect fixture for your needs, and that’s where our awesome assortment of products comes in.

Once you’ve invested in a sturdy tack box (a must-have item for any seasoned and serious rider), you will need to pick out hardware fittings that compliment your own particular style. We offer brass tack trunk handles, which are perfect for anyone wishing for a rustic, classical barnyard look. You can also choose chrome tack trunk handles, which greatly compliment tack trunks in a more modern, finished style. And if you need lid supports, halter hooks, or hasps, we’ve got you covered—our extensive catalog of items includes all three of these options.

We also offer horse padlocks, which are an absolutely essential item to keep around the stable. our horse padlocks are made from the finest materials and are sure to stand up to any type of weather conditions. When it comes to the security of your horses, that is a top priority. A broken padlock will result in an improperly stabled horse, and that can end up causing you an unneeded headache. To avoid the hassle, we advise you pick up a spare or two. Having a few extra horse padlocks available to you can really come in handy.

We know that when it comes to smaller items like tack trunk handles, you often need them as soon as possible. To better serve you, we offer you a choice of shipping. There’s standard delivery, which will get you your items within two weeks, and there’s also the option for expedited shipping. Our expedited shipping option only requires that you give us a simple call, and we’ll be happy to accommodate all the needs of your orders.

If you are planning on receiving a large order or having us ship from overseas, it would be a good idea if you contact us directly for a shipping quote via email. To reach us quickly, please send us an email and let us know what you’re ordering, as well as your shipping zip code. We will figure out the individual details of your order and send them along to you.

Your tack trunks are needed to store the tacks for your horses. If you don’t have a tack trunk that works properly, you might lose track of items that you need to be able to ride your horse. These are some of the most important pieces of trunk hardware that you might need as part of your trunk hardware kit and why you might need each item:

  • The trunk box: Your trunk box will be used to store all of your tacking equipment.
    • An antique trunk: Many antique trunks are significantly more valuable than modern products. In addition, they are often more stylish.
    • A Brass Hasp: The hasp is the latch for the box, and brass is a stylish material for this part of your trunk tack box.
    • A brass padlock: A brass padlock can be quite secure, and it also has a stylish appearance.
    • Chrome End Double Snaps: Chrome end double snaps can help to ensure that your trunk tack box closes securely.
    • Screw-On Chrome Snaps: It is easy to attach screw on chrome snaps to your trunk tack box.
    • Chrome Support Lids: Chrome support lids make it possible to easily open and close your trunk tack box.
    • A Wire Saddle Rack: Wire saddle racks can be collapsible. Even if they aren’t collapsible, it’s easy to store them in the stall with your horse.
    • The Cork Insert: A cork insert gives your trunk tack box a soft interior.
    • A Large Piano Hinge: A large piano hinge is necessary if you have a large stationary handle on your trunk box.
    • Large Stationary Handles: Large stationary handles can give you a better grip on the trunk box than smaller handles in some cases.
    • A Sach Lock: The sach lock can ensure that no one is able to remove items from your trunk box without your permission.
    • Small Stationary Handles: Small stationary handles will allow you to pick up your trunk box more easily. These handles remain fixed in one position.
    • Tack Trunk Blocks: Tack trunk blocks are great for mounting your tack trunk box.
    • Tack Truck Stands: The tack trunk stands will allow you to prop up your trunk box.
    • Trunk nails: Trunk nails are used to hold your trunk box together.
    • Tools To Repair Your Trunk: If your trunk needs to be repaired, there are a variety of tools that you’ll need. It’s a good idea to have these tools on hand.

The cost of these items varies considerably. In some cases, the cost of an individual item from this list is under 20 dollars though. Not only does the specific type of product that you purchase influence the cost of these items, but the prices vary significantly from one vendor to another.

What Is Trunk Hardware Made Out Of?

There are a number of different types of materials that are commonly used to make trunk hardware. These are some of the most common materials that are used to make these products:

  • Steel: Stainless steel is often less vulnerable to rust than other materials.
    As a result, it tends to be quite durable.
  • Brass: Brass has a very elegant appearance, and it tends to be durable. In addition, vintage brass is available.
  • Iron: While iron has a very stately appearance, it is vulnerable to rust.
  • Leather: Leather is a common material that is used to make straps on the trunk hardware box, and it’s also used on trunk handles.

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