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Personalized Horse Grooming Totes


Grooming Totes For You

As a horse owner, we understand that your horses are just other members of your family. We take care of them and ensure that they’re healthy. One of the tasks in ensuring the horse’s health is grooming. Not only does keep it your horse’s skin from becoming irritated, but it ensures that when it comes to riding, the tack and saddle pad won’t rub against the dirty skin and cause sores and blisters. For those who have show horses, keeping your horse clean is even important. Dirty horses won’t score high!

Luckily, plenty of tools exist to ensure that your horse is one sharp looker. The problem begins when attempting to store those tools. Barns are usually already packed full of other horses or cattle or animals or even barn supplies. What isn’t taken up by animals is usually filled with food or equipment. Stable supplies, horse saddle stands, farm tools, everything is packed in there with your animals. In the rush of a show, it’s easy to forget tools that aren’t all together, too. So, where can you store the plethora of tools to clean your horse?

We offer just the solution with our solid wood grooming tote. Beautifully crafted with quality material, we offer either wooden or vinyl finishes for you to select between. These wooden grooming totes can be mounted on the wall to save space, or if you prefer, you can simply rest them where you wish. Each box is 21 inches long, 7 and 3/4ths inches high and 8 inches deep, allowing for plenty of space to place your tools and then some within the wooden tote.

Personalization is key when it comes to barn supplies, and we are eager to make the tote just for you. We have a selection of metal finishes, between chrome hardware fillings and brass hardware fillings. There are also two stains from which to select: Cherry stain or Walnut stain. These stains can also be applied to the box’s interior, whether you choose the same stain or not.

No wooden grooming tote is complete without a personal engraving. We have several options in regards to the plate for the engraving. A 2×12 rectangular plate in either chrome or brass and a 2×10 oval plate in either chrome or brass are available to you to select between. You may write whatever you choose for your engraving. Be it your stable or barn name, your company’s name, your horse’s name, or anything else. Text font includes Old English, Gothic, Roman, Block, Script, among others and you are also welcome to use your own font as well. If you wish to have your company’s logo engraved upon the grooming tote, we can place that carefully onto your tote for you, too. You can proudly display it at your next show next to a gleaming horse.

Some of the totes we create just for you can have artwork engraved upon them. We have a selection of stock art you can decide between if you do not have or wish to use your logo, or we can give you a custom art engraving to make your wooden grooming tote stand out.

If you’re a fan of the modern rustic theme, these wooden grooming totes are perfect for a feature in your home. Either for yourself or a gift for a friend, they can be easily accessorized with other household items such as a hairbrush or stylish bottles. You can use our monogramming services to place your family’s name on the box or even a family motto. Couple it with other barn supplies like a saddle stand, and you have yourself a stylish and trendy decor.

Whether you use your wooden grooming tote for practical purposes or decoration, we’ll make sure to send you the best quality tote that can last for years. We’re eager to help and see your vision of the perfect grooming tote for your horse and your family come to fruition.