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Available barn director chairs. Our affordable director chairs are available in any combination of three colors. Fast delivery – Order today.

Equestrian Directors Chairs

We are the leading source to make Director Chairs for your show barn. We can match your barn colors, logo, drapes to present an award-winning look. Monogrammed director chairs is our niche. You can design your chairs with custom artwork.

Your horse show tent is your home-away-from-home when you are traveling for horse shows with family, trainers, and horses. It’s your center at show venues that are teeming with competitors, the public who come to watch events, show organizers and judges, and horses. The tent provides shelter, comfort, privacy, and a backdrop to display your pride and competitive spirit. Everything you do to set up your horse tent space affects your comfort levels and experience during the competition, so it’s well worth making sure you have the things at hand that add a little extra to your well-being.

Do you have a beautiful photograph of you and your horse in a successful competition? Frame it and bring it along to hang on your tent for all to see and to remind you of what you can do. Do you want to add some style to your tent setup? Consider hanging decorative lanterns on either side of the door. Statues and potted plants like evergreen shrubs or topiaries are beautiful touches to put at your tent entrance. Engraved nameplates and decorative and protective covers for your tack trunk, decorative brass hooks, comfortable benches, and horse show director chairs are more great ways to accessorize your horse show tent.

If you are just starting out and don’t know how you want to prepare your horse show tent for competition venues, take a look around at your competitor’s setups. Get some ideas from how they have arranged their belongings and decorated their areas. You’ll get a good idea of what you like and don’t like when you are at shows. See someone’s tent that’s just got so much out front that it looks messy and unorganized? Make a note to minimize accessories you’ll use and limit them to what’s most important to you. Maybe you just want a couple of director chairs for the horse show with your tack trunk in between or one nice potted plant under a framed photo surrounded by ribbons.


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Our Director chairs are available in any combination of three colors. Both are fully padded and the bottom is reinforced with heavy-duty vinyl to stop sagging. Embroidery is included on one side of the chair back. Telescope World Famous™ chair frames are available in three popular sizes: dining size, regular size (shown below) with five finishes; black, rustic grey, varnish, walnut, and white.