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high-quality and affordable Horse Bit Boxes. Best storage for your horse bits, supplies, and accessories. Order online today for exclusive discounts.

Horse Bit Boxes

Bit Boxes –  Size: Length 24”, Width 14”,  Height 16”

Our horse bit boxes are a popular stable accessory and give you the storage needed for your horse bits. Order online for high-quality stable accessories!

Are you looking for a tack box that’s attractive and can accommodate all of your horse’s supplies? If so, our vinyl bit box is the perfect solution. Look at all of the valuable features of this unique horsebox.

Space for Everything

Whether you show your horse or simply need a tack box for your barn, our vinyl bit box has the right amount of space. It measures 24” in length, 14” in width and is 16” tall. Its spacious wooden interior comes with three dowels with adjustable rails. This allows you to organize your snaffle bits, saddle pad, halters, lead lines, riding helmet and other items. You have the option of getting more dowels for your tack box if you need them. Maybe you like to put your brushes, combs, hoof picks and other items for horse care on one side of the tack box while putting a snaffle bit box and another tack on the opposite side. With our vinyl bit box, you can store your horse’s supplies in a way that’s convenient for you.

A Personalized Accessory

Our vinyl bit box gives you the chance to be a personalized equestrian. You can choose to put your stable’s logo or horse’s name on the vinyl sides. Or, maybe you’d like to check out our stock art logos and go with something like a horse print, a horseshoe or a horse and rider design. You decide on the lettering style or breed logo that goes with your creative vision. Select from 20 colors to make your logo or name look exactly the way you want it. In addition, we have several border styles made to enhance whatever design you choose. You can also take advantage of our lager Sunbrella palette. With our selection of reds, blues, greens, yellows, and neutrals it will be tough to make a final decision for your tack box! We won’t quit until you’re satisfied with the look of your vinyl bit box.

Security for Your Expensive Tack

You’ve invested a lot of money and time in building a beautiful collection of tack. Naturally, you want to protect your property. That’s why there’s a strong latch in the design of this vinyl bit box. You can secure your bit box with a lock and key or perhaps a combination lock. Either way, the sturdy design of the latch will give you peace of mind about the safety of your costly tack as well as any craft supplies you store in your tack trunk.


If you travel to different venues throughout the year to show your horse, you must move your tack box onto your truck or into a storage compartment in your horse trailer. Our vinyl bit box is made to endure the bumps and jolts that come with moving it from one place to another. The metal handle on each side makes it easy to safely move your tack box up into a truck, trailer or elsewhere.

Add to the Appearance of Your Stable

The finished interior of your tack box combined with its vinyl exterior and trim in either chrome or brass makes a stylish statement in any barn or stable. Guests and competitors alike are sure to notice your customized tack box as they walk by your trailer at a horse show. A customized vinyl bit box lets other riders know you are a dedicated horseman or woman.

If you are interested in a customized vinyl bit box, feel free to fill out our quote form. We are happy to discuss your customization ideas with you. Or, if you have any questions about our vinyl bit boxes we are glad to answer them. Contact us by phone or email today and let us know what you’re looking for in a customized vinyl bit box.