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Our beverage valet in vinyl or wood exterior has industrial strength to store all of your party treats in style. Ample space to store refrigerated items.

Beverage Valets for Horse Show Events!
Beverage valets are needed for every horse show or race that you go to. Horse show beverage valets are needed when you hold parties at the show. You can invite people over, and you will be able to serve everyone at each event. You must make connections on the horse show circuit or at the race track, and our valets make it easy to have a party after a long day.

Traveling to horse shows is a big responsibility, and you must be willing to host people at these events. The valets that you bring along with you store all the drinks, glasses and serving utensils. You can store a blender in the valet for making mixed drinks, and the valet comes with a full bar set to make cocktails.

Serving drinks is not necessarily your responsibility, but you can bring along the valet so that your drink expert can help you. These drinks are much easier to make when you have the right valet with you, and the valet holds all the alcohol that you need to make these drinks.

There are several things that you need when you go to each show, but the horse show beverage valet is a unique addition to your rig. You must have the valet with you so that you can serve all the drinks that are needed for your parties. Having a swig before you mount up is much easier when the valet is with you.

People that come to visit you on the horse racing circuit are expecting to be fed well, and your horse show beverage valet will provide you with the proper way to make these drinks. Your travels help you make connections, and cool drinks help people relax when they visit you after the races.

You get ample space to store refrigerated foods and drinks that moves on wheels to travel where ever you go to the horse races or derby.

Since we can customize the medicine valets for you, we can make customize the interior to your specs. For one or more customized medicine valets, please complete the chest valet sheet quote form and submit it. We will respond promptly. Add a refrigerator too!

The horse show beverage valet can simplify the complexity of entertaining while attending and/or participating in a horse show. Many parties are hosted at horse shows and many contacts are made at these parties. You must make connections on the horse show circuit. After all, that’s a big reason for the parties, isn’t it? How better to impress guests and potential contacts, other than by having the championship horse, than by serving them sophisticated food and drinks while on the road?

Participants and guests at horse shows expect the best. You will be offering them the best when you serve their cocktails and food from the horse show beverage valet. Guests and associates will be impressed by the professionalism of this handy and sophisticated appliance. The valet holds alcohol, mixers, snacks and hors d’oeuvres for those post-show parties and get-togethers.