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Bench Boxes

Bench boxes provide the protection that your valuable tack needs, with a really attractive look that you’ll enjoy in any barn or stable setting. When you purchase tack for your horse, you’re investing a lot of money in a valuable product, especially if you have tack for a dressage horse. You don’t want to leave your saddles, bridles or other tack out where it can be exposed to excessive moisture or dust. When you store your tack in one of these boxes, you’ll ensure that it stays in top shape until the next time that you need to use it.


Many horse owners use whatever they have available for boxes and storage in order to store their tack. In some cases, this could include plastic boxes that provide only minimal protection. They are not as durable for the environment found in most stables and allow in too much light that could discolor tack and blankets. Because they are not designed specifically for storing tack, you may end up damaging a saddle or other piece of tack by putting it in a box where it doesn’t fit properly. Metal or wooden boxes that are not designed for tack may also allow damage to occur.

Horse bench tack boxes made from vinyl provide some of the best protection in the equine industry. In addition to being designed for tack, these boxes come in several colors that you can pick to suit your preferences. If you have a logo or another personalized design that you would like to have on the box, this is available. Monograms are also a personalization option that you may want to use. Your bench box will have the professional look that you expect from a high-quality horse product, and everyone who gets a look at it will want one for their stable.

If you enjoy the portability of bench boxes while wanting a more prestigious look, you’ll want to consider buying one of the wooden boxes that so many stable owners prefer. When you use a wooden box, you’ll give your stable that more upscale feeling, while enjoying the same type of durability that comes with the vinyl boxes. The good thing about both types of boxes is that, not only are they easily portable, but they also close securely. Even when the boxes are within reach of your horses, you don’t need to worry about curious noses being a problem.

Start storing your tack with durable and visually appealing horse bench tack boxes. At Tack Trunks, we carry everything from bench boxes to horse bench seats at an affordable rate. With our boxes, you will be able to keep your bridles and saddles in pristine condition throughout the entire year. You can even incorporate your horse logos on our products. Give us a call at 877-237-2972 to get help with placing your order, or if you have any questions. With prices as low as ours, you’re GUARANTEED to share our great deals with your friends and family.