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Horse Wrap Bandages Slings

Bandage Slings

Just the name “bandage sling” evokes images of critical veterinary care or serious fracture. Add your logo too. Yet these practical and stylish vessels are an essential presence in a horse’s stall. Frankly, the term “show horse” is something of a misnomer. These animals work hard. Very hard. In so doing—whether jumping, eventing, dressage or what have you—their legs take on much stress and strain. Bearing heavyweight, leaping and landing, as well as turning and maneuvering on a dime, are burdensome tasks for the admittedly powerful legs of the equine. In addition, sometimes uneven ground can cause poor footing, further stressing the lower extremities.

Bandaging brings relief and helps to prevent aches and minor injuries from turning into debilitating traumas. Bandages include polo wraps that protect against scraping and bruising; standing wraps to support the leg muscles, ligaments and tendons during long periods of, well, standing; and shipping bandages that extend from knee to hoof, protecting the leg when the horse is in transit via trailer or airplane. With all of the myriad uses for bandages, it is no surprise that anyone showing a horse will need ample supply to keep the horse healthy and strong. Storing them in a Tacktrunks.com sling allows them to remain close at hand while attractively encased.

It is only appropriate that the sling is comprised of 100 percent Sunbrella fabric, a material that combines function with beauty—hallmark features of all Tacktrunks.com products. The beauty of Sunbrella is that it stands up well against fading, sunlight damage, and staining. Both durable and low-maintenance, Sunbrella allows for years of good use before replacement is ever thought of. And it is the perfect fabric for those who travel from show to show. Handling the sling is comfortable and easy because Sunbrella is also soft to the touch. The sturdy softness of this material is topped only by the bandage sling design.

Coming in dozens of colors for fabric, border, and binding, this bandage sling can also be monogrammed in many different fonts, hues, and designs. In addition, farm or personal logos can add a nice touch to the appearance of the sling hangs in the stall. With so many engraving options available, riders and owners can make the most impactful presentation when the horse takes up residence at a show or exhibition.