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Decorate your show barn with free-standing Awnings. Call us to sketch out your show barn with horse show drapes & awnings, banners and more.

Awning Tents

Decorate your show barn with free standing Awnings and more for a winning performance! Call us to sketch out your show barn with horse show drapes & awnings, banners and more. Our valances styles come in all shapes and sizes.

A horse show is a great way for the whole family to get out and experience the beauty of horses and ponies and the spirit of competition. There are opportunities to see different horse breeds and equestrian disciplines at local, national and international level competitions. Attending horse shows gives kids the opportunity to see and learn about horses first hand. They’ll see horses being fed, watered, and curried, things they can read about in books and magazines but which they’ll experience in person at shows. They’ll also get to see others who work with horses, such as blacksmiths and farriers and horse trainers, and possibly have a chance to talk to these types of people. It may be the thing that sparks joining 4-H or a career in veterinary medicine.

There are shows in specific disciplines and breeds, all-breed events, and many different performances. Attendees can see Western riding, show jumping, dressage, rodeos, riding clothes, horse grooming, and many other aspects of horse keeping. The International Federation for Equestrian Sports sanctions ten international disciplines including combined driving, dressage, endurance riding, eventing, horseball, para-equestrianism, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, and vaulting. Pony Club is an international movement to teach riding skills, develop good sportsmanship, and sponsor horse shows for young people under 18 years old.

When you attend horse shows, you’ll see more than the competitions. You’ll see the horses and riders who are competing, their gear and tack, their stable banners and awning tents where they spend their time while not in competition. Some horse show competitors will have fancier trappings for show travel, such as a peak awning tent for comfort and privacy. It’s important to have a centralized location to situate all the gear and to relax between competitions while traveling for shows.

Whether you attend the same horse shows every year, or are planning to attend your first horse show soon, there is always plenty to see, learn and enjoy at competitions. Talking to horse owners and competitors is a good way to learn about what is involved with owning a horse and training for competition.

Our awnings, stall drapes and swings frames are made by hand, and then powder coated with automotive enamel for a strong finish that is color matched to your drapes. Each top is fitted to your frame, and trimmed out to match your drapes. Your barn logo or name can be added to the valance as well.