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Load up your blankets, scrims, tack, medications, awards, etc in our storage travel chest. This chest can travel to the horse shows with you so you can have storage.

Portable Horse Storage Chest

Load up your awards in our award travel chest. This chest can travel to the horse shows with you so you can have storage (keep them clean too).

Portable Horse Storage Chest

Do you remember arriving and looking around at your very first horse show? The other competitors had their horse trailers lined up, and each horse was assigned to its own stall before the competition. The smell in the barns was a mixture of horses, the leather of the saddles and tack, horse feed, and bedding. There was an excitement in the air, a certain kind of electricity. Do you remember looking around, surveying the other competitors with their ribbons proudly on display, showing their previous proficiency in the ring? Of course, you do! Nothing could ever erase that amazing first impression! Wandering through the sea of people and horses, you noticed each person, each horse. You heard the whispers about who was the best, and you went to see what the best looked like.

That’s when you noticed how pristine their gear was, how precise they looked as they got ready for the competition, and how flawlessly everything seemed to fall into place for them. Their gear was perfect. Their clothes were crisp and pristine. Their horses were groomed, not a hair out of place, and adorned with the most beautiful matching, coordinated sets of gear. Their previous trophies, gleaming from their designated areas. The ribbons they had previously been awarded a beacon calling to you. Nothing was out of place for the best riders and horses in the competition. Do you remember looking around, knowing that someday you were going to be the best rider there?

Now you are one of the best, and you deserve the kind of flawless perfection you so reverently admired during your first encounter with horse shows. The new riders look to you, and you want to give them the same hope and inspire the same starry-eyed wonder you once felt. And you can, when you travel with equipment as fine as the Tack Trunks Portable Horse Award Storage.

With our elegant solution for all of your storage needs, you never have to worry about the storage and transport of all your favorite gear at your next horse show, competition, or exposition! With the Tack Trunks Award Chest, you can beautifully display all of your previous ribbons, trophies, and gear.

Our chest is the finest available in portable horse storage, offering a multitude of benefits, including a built-in mirror. The mirror allows competitors in horse award shows to finish last-minute changes and touch-ups to their ensemble prior to hitting the show ring. You can also use it to coordinate your tack to all of your rider’s outfits and accessories, for that extra bit of flair in the ring.

You can proudly display your ribbons with our unique ribbon storage that keeps your ribbons safe and beautiful as you travel around to different shows, regardless of whether they are in your local area, or all around the country. Additionally, our award chest features cooler storage.

One of the greatest features of our horse award chest is the award storage, which allows you not only to store and keep your trophies and awards safe but also allows you to keep them clean when you travel to various venues.

Imagine how envious the other competitors will be when they see your beautiful award chest, displaying all of the awards, trophies, ribbons, and blankets you have won during horse shows. Yes, the chest is even large enough to hold your blankets and other tack items, along with your awards and trophies. Truly an inclusive solution to your storage and travel needs, our award chest will be the talk of the horse shows you attend.

Our storage chest is meant for travel, meaning it is easy to take with you to every venue. You do not have to leave your hard-earned trophies behind. You can recount all of your glorious experiences at horse shows, and have all of your awards with you to remind you that you not only won before but that you can win again!

You can be the most fashionable, practical, stylish rider at every show. You can be the envy of your friends. You can be the champion you were meant to be! And now, you can have the gear to prove it.