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Vinyl Stall Guards | Stable Accessories | Horse Stall Guards

Embellish your stable logo and colors on our stall guards for a uniform look to showcase your stable. At the same time, keep your horse safely inside his stall. Vinyl Guard: 36″ x 14 3/4 (inches) Chain-to Chain: 42 3/4 width & 14 3/4 height (inches).

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Stall guards can improve the air circulation in a horse’s living area plus allow your horse to socialize while staying safe. Plus there are a wide variety of styles that can be custom made to suit your needs. In truth, you can even have a stall guards match your barn theme. For instance, you can have a horse or barn logo created to your specifications.

Size: Horse stall guards generally come in a standard size; 42 3/4 (width) by 14 3/4 (height) end to end. However, there are numerous features and options that can help you customize your stall guards and webbings to exact specifications.

Logos: Horse stall guards can also be personalized with your own logo. In fact, logos are used to highlight the best quality. Logos can also accent your barn or other marketing material. If you do not have your won artwork, can we suggest our stock art with hunter jumpers, dressage, quarter horse and more to select from. You an even add your barn name to the stock art to promote your brand name.

There are various horse logos and stock art logos to choose from. Choose a personalized logo that has special meaning or pick from the numerous selections in the stock art logos. For instance, there is a gaited horse, event jumper, quarter horse, dressage horse and many more. The creativity and selections are infinite.

Lettering and Borders: There are numerous lettering options for stall guards such as selecting from the font stock options or using your own favorite fonts. Much of the lettering is used for monograms and initials. Borders are a nice touch and add an impressive professional look. They can be mixed and matched with the lettering for the perfect elements. Also, a piped border adds a little class.

The value of stall guards are in the mind of your horse which is freedom and socialization around the barn.



1) Our standard Stall Guard size is 42 3/4 (width) by 14 3/4 (height) end to end.

2) We can customize our stall guards to fit your show barn theme.

3) We can create a horse or barn logo per your specifications

4) Your horse will love his new stall guard as your horse can see outside to socialize with the other horses!



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