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Our Wardrobe Valets to are Designed to Keep Your Show Outfit Clean for the Horse Shows in a Size of 24in x 25in x 45in (WDH). Inside is customizable too. Add interior Bridle hooks too!

Upright Wardrobe Valet Size: 24in x 25in x 45in (WDH)

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Valet Size: 24in x 25in x 45in (WDH)

Our wardrobe valets are made with pride and care so that they last a lifetime and look gorgeous in the process. They provide ample space for your show hat, breeches, coat, boots, and other related gear. They protect your show clothes from getting dirty and wrinkle-free and CLEAN when going to the shows. You can optionally add more shelf space or bridle hooks to your need. Add a nameplate for identity and personalization.

This is an excellent horse show tack trunk to store clothes in. From it’s beautiful, spare, classic appearance to its practical, well-arranged design, this is a premier wardrobe tack trunk.

It measures 24 inches by 25 inches by 45 inches. Its interior consists of four open compartments. Two of these compartments are small and allow you to store items such as gloves and socks. A medium-sized compartment is perfect for storing boots. To hang up shirts and pants, there is a large compartment with a hanger, providing a wrinkle-free space for the clothing to breathe. On the top of the trunk, there is a hatch that opens so that you can store your hat.

It comes in two different wood stains: a walnut stain and a cherry stain. The wood exterior is accompanied by metal handles, legs, and latches that come in your choice of either chrome or brass. The wood and the metal come together to give the trunk a truly beautiful look that brings a touch of class and style to your stable. It can be purchased with or without an interior mirror insert.

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